Gift Them A First Christmas To Remember

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The holidays are here! If you’ve recently welcomed a new little bundle to your family, then firstly, congratulations!

Experiencing Christmas as a parent is ever so magical, and it’s so much fun passing on those special traditions to your child.

Although, honestly, it can be ridiculously hard to shop for a baby’s first Christmas, after all, babies really don’t need much aside from the essentials. And let’s face it, it’s very likely that your baby is going to be spoiled by well-meaning friends and family too.

so, if you’ve found yourself wondering – ‘what do I get a baby for their first Christmas?’ Or ‘what unique gift could I get a baby?’ Then I’ve got you covered!

Introducing Bakerdays ‘Baby’s first Christmas’ set.

Inside this bundle is a cake of your chosen size ( my photos showcase the letterbox size, which was more than enough for two adults and an older child to go back three times over for a slice of the good stuff.) You can also pick the flavour of your choosing from a selection:-

  • Traditional sponge
  • Rich chocolate chip
  • Gluten Wheat free sponge
  • Dairy free sponge
  • Fabulous fruit
  • Lovely lemon drizzle
  • Vegan sponge

We went for ‘Lovely lemon drizzle’, which my 8-year-old declared was ‘the best lemon drizzle in the world’. I mean, that’s a pretty bold statement, but I totally agree! With the vegan or gluten-free options available too, it means that nobody needs to miss out this Christmas.

Better still, this cake can be personalised with the child’s name and comes presented in a beautiful cake tin, so that you can keep being reminded of your baby’s first Christmas long after the last crumb has been devoured. We actually have the cake tin in Freddie’s memories box with his hospital tag, scan photos, and the umbilical cord (why do we keep that?) all inside.

Aside from the cake, there is a 15cm tall Me To you bear and a 10cm bauble which you can place a picture of the child, inside.

With so many different Christmas gifting options live on their website, ranging from letterbox cakes, to cupcakes and even brownies, and all at a super price, why don’t you gift them a Christmas to remember?

Bakerdays currently has 20% using the code:

Advertising feature - gifted product.

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