Gift something different this Easter.

26th March 2018

Easter is fast approaching, the chocolate Easter eggs have been out in the shops for what feels like a year already. Every trip to the supermarket turns into a battle with the youngsters who demand an egg but not a kinder egg, oh no! One of those £10 up ones! Not on my Nelly little one.

There are so many Easter eggs to choose from this year and they have noticeable gotten bigger too. This year we’ve decided to scrap buying Shaniah an Easter egg as our family members also gift her some and it all ends up being way too much chocolate for a 3-year-old to handle, although I don’t complain when there’s a never-ending supply of chocolate when my midnight munchies come calling. This year we’ve decided that we will get her something that she can enjoy like a toy or a game or maybe even an activity of some sort.

I’ve searched the big wide web for some awesome Easter gifts that are affordable and bound to be something that your youngster will love – even more than the endless chocolate stash.


Mr Ring RRP £19.99


Chicco have recently launched their “Fit’N’Fun” range which features a wide variety of games which promotes the fun of development – it features toys to suit everyone. Toys that encourage children’s physical, intellectual and cognitive skills all whilst providing hours of entertainment.

Their “Fit’N’Fun” range features, Mr Ring, a colourful hedgehog which will test your little ones co-ordination, precision and patience.  Jump’N’Fit, which is a modern take on the timeless classic hopscotch. Jump’N’Fit enhances your youngsters motor ability. Jungle Rugby, a 3-in-1 toy which encourages motor and socializing skills through three different play modes. Goal league, which works to improve their accuracy and co-ordination skills. Shaniah has had Goal league for a year now and she still loves it and interacts with it like the first day she got it. The lights and sounds cheer her on when she’s doing well and encourage her to keep trying if she goes wrong. Chicco’s “Fit’N’Fun” range is pretty impressive.

Squidgydoodle Spring surprise craft box – £12


Squidgydoodle is an awesome company that creates party boxes and craft boxes for children aged 3 – 8.  With Easter being on the horizon, the awesome people over at Squidgydoodle have created an awesome Spring surprise craft box which is bursting with all things Easter!

Spring surprise craft box is filled with all the delights of spring. There are four exciting craft projects for your little ones to enjoy such as: scrape paint an awesome paper egg, catch the sun with a tissue paper egg suncatcher, create a spring college then dig for wiggly worms and create a spring scene in your craft box.

Shaniah absolutely loved making these craft projects especially digging for wiggly worms in the mud (cocoa powder and flour) messy fingers proved extremely fun! I love how all the activities have everything provided meaning that the little ones can enjoy being independent with the crafts, the fact the box doubles up as the storage tray for the mud is also a great idea meaning that there is minimal mess and bucket loads of fun!

There are so many activity boxes to choose from, each showcasing loads of different craft ideas for your youngster to enjoy I am also excited to try out the party boxes at Shaniah’s birthday party this year, something truly unique!

Fairy Picnic Basket – £12.97


Fairy Picnic Basket is part of the “My Fairy Garden” range. Fairy picnic basket is the perfect Easter gift for every fairy loving child. Each basket comes with; the picnic basket which doubles up as a fairy home, fairy figure, bunny figure, teapot and acorn cups, 1 cake stand, 2 plates, 2 cupcakes and a picnic basket!

The fairy picnic baskets roof opens up to allow you to store all your picnic bits and the front door also opens to allow your little ones to put the bunny and the fairy inside and provides hours of fun play. There is so much detail in this set which means that your little ones will have absolutely no trouble in letting their imagination run free.

SnoBall Battle Pack £4.99


Snow! Every child loves snow right? I agree though we have had a lot of snow lately that the novelty has started to wear off on me although for Shaniah the fun is only just beginning! She has grown fascinated with the snow and once it melted it was fair to say that she got a little disheartened and begged us to bring the snow back. Impossible! Or not. You see the awesome people at Zimpli Kids, the creators behind the awesome Gelli Baff have created awesome Snowball battle packs which I think will be perfect for the competitive side to our family.

Shaniah was loving throwing snowballs at the wall during the latest bouts of snow so this is bound to bring big smiles to her face. For £4.99 you are able to create at least 60 SnoBalls meaning that there will be hours of entertainment to be had. Once the fun is over simply pick it up or leave it to bio-degrade. Pretty awesome huh?

Lush Easter range


Bath Bomb, say no more! Everyone loves a good relaxing bath whilst a bath bomb quickly zooms around the water beside you. Youngsters are also growing to love these fizzy balls of goodness. With so many places to purchase bath bombs now it is certainly difficult to know which ones are the better ones for our youngsters. Lush will always be my go to for bath bombs and well anything to do with the bath actually. They are all handmade with natural products and vegan friendly so no nasties make their way on to your little ones skin.

Lush’s Easter range is pretty spectacular this year with gigantic eggs with a little egg inside, chickens that can be used twice as they come apart and of course the awesome and extremely popular golden egg which is every glitter lovers dream. These make for the perfect chocolate alternative.

There we have it. A few ideas to treat your little ones to without having to fill them up with chocolate!


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