Giant Lego Brick Animal Trail at WWT Slimbridge.

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) have a new summer long activity covering their many acres of ground. From the 7th of July right through to the 23rd of September WWT sites all over England are running Giant Lego Brick animal trails. Our local WWT centre is Slimbridge and we were lucky to be invited down to check out the sculptures for ourselves.

The trail across Slimbridge Wetland Centre features fourteen 1.5m Lego® animal models in total. Each sculpture is built by professional Lego builders, taking hundreds of hours and using no less than 253,728 bricks!

Shaniah is a massive fan of Lego so this event was right up her street and she couldn’t wait to start the trail. We set off with a pencil and a map which showed where each of the fourteen sculptures were placed and began our search. It didn’t take long before we found our first model Fred the Frog. Shaniah’s face once she saw it was truly magical, the sculpture was far bigger than I had imagined, towering over Shaniah and the detail was utterly incredible. We ticked it off on our map, took a few photo’s and then set off in search for the next one.

The next one came into view just as we came out from the ticket office. It was a Swan situated on the island in the middle of the lake in which real swans were going about their day. I won’t lie, I thought it was a real Swan at first and had to double take it.

a lego swan at wwt slimbridge

After we ticked off the swan we then found the Spoon-billed sandpiper, the Mallard, Otter, Water vole and a few others before Shaniah clocked eyes on the park.

Finding Shade.

Whilst Shaniah was having the time of her life in the sand pit, Ryan, my nan and I decided to grab a couple of refreshments from the Canoe Kiosk. After a few minutes playing Shaniah decided that she too wanted an ice-cream. Aren’t the ice-cream covered faces the cutest? Shaniah’s cone was £2.50 which I thought was actually really good value considering it was nice ice-cream and not the whipped kind.

Shaniah was happy enough munching on the Ice-cream so Ryan and I decided to take the opportunity to try out the Canoe Safari. I absolutely love the fact that you can hire a canoe and enjoy the Wetland centre from a different angle. Paddling along the lake was actually really relaxing (until I went face first through a low hanging tree!). It takes around 45 minutes to complete if you decide to paddle around it all however, I don’t think we did, we still enjoyed it though. Many giggles are to be had in these canoes.

Sat in a canoe

When we eventually made it back to dry land our stomachs were starting to rumble so we made our way to Swan Cafe where we were able to grab a bite to eat. I had a lovely Spicy chicken salad and cous-cous dish and Shaniah had a lovely sandwich selection and a “lemon brownie” Lemon Drizzle slice. It was lovely to sit back and refuel whilst looking out the window at the wildlife below us.

Lego play workshop.

Once our energy levels were as high as they could be we were invited down to the Lego Play workshop which is being held in the Peng Observatory. Shaniah We were all super excited to get started. I have always loved making Lego models, I don’t think you can put an age on it can you? The lady hosting the workshop, sadly I cannot remember her name, was absolutely lovely and helped all the children find the pieces to make as many ducklings as possible for the mummy duck. Her upbeat spirit definitely spurred the youngsters on. All together our group managed to make an impressive 50 odd ducklings!

lego duck and ducklings

Next up, the children were tasked with making a car to carry either a Lego man or dog. This was where Shaniah, Ryan and I realised that we are really pants at building cars. We managed to bodge one together although once they were all put to the test it was clear that ours failed, it didn’t even make it down the ramp – oops!

Lego Car Building

After they had all had fun launching their cars down the ramp it was time to build a owl which we were able to take home as part of the workshop. The Lego workshop is £10.50 per person but it is worth every penny. The children have so much fun building against the clock.

Welly boot Land

Once the Lego workshop was complete Shaniah requested that we head down to welly boot land which is a water playground. Prefect for the permanent hot weather that we are experiencing at the moment. The playground has a little shallow river like thing running through it where the youngsters can splash in their wellies or bare feet in this heat! There wasn’t a single child that didn’t have a massive smile on their face and to be truthful with you, I would have loved to join in myself!

Shaniah jumping in the water

We had the most amazing day here, the Lego trail is absolutely amazing, you can easily forget that the mesmerising sculptures are actually made out of Lego because the detail is just incredible. The giant Lego animal trail is FREE with admission, non members can purchase admission on the day or are able to save 10% by booking through the website. To experience the Lego workshops with one of their experts you will need to book your child’s place online.

Disclaimer: We were invited down to Slimbridge to experience their new summer event.

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