How to get toddlers to sleep on holiday.

Holidays seem to be hard on Shaniah. It is understandable though, because they are out of their comfort zone. Schedules change too. Ryan’s fishing near enough every day so dinner and bed is a lot later than what she is used to. However we do try and keep to what we do at home although sometimes it can’t be helped.

Are you off on holiday soon? Here’s a few ways to make it easier for them.

  1. If you usually read a book to them, take some books and read them before bed. Although the room looks nothing like their room, keeping to their bedtime routine really helps!
  2. Sometimes the curtains are naff and don’t block out the daylight. You can get these black out blinds that attach to the window. these are a lifesaver and really do block out the sun.
  3.  Pack their pillow and duvet. Having something that smells like home is a great idea. Children will feel relaxed as they can smell their home. Again the room won’t look all the same but the smell of home will give them a sense of security.
  4. Shaniah uses a night light so we tend to pack that. We aim to make the room look as close to her room as possible.
  5.  Do they have a favourite teddy? Pack their teddy so they have something to cuddle at night.
  6.  Failing this, simply go with the flow! Your toddler wants to stay up a little later and enjoy the holiday with you? Let them! Holidays are there for rules to be broken, as long as you are all enjoying yourself there is no harm. Simply return to your usual routine once you get home!

So there we have it. I am yet to go on a holiday where bedtime was a walk in the park, but it’s all part in parcel of being a parent!



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