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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Business.

Working for yourself can be great. I mean there’s no big guy telling you what you should and shouldn’t be doing and the amount of effort that you put in is usually the amount of rewards you end up reaping. Sure, there are times where working for yourself can be difficult but the majority of the time its plain sailing and now I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love working for myself and for the time being it works.

Sure, everyone aims to make a living from what they do and that was the same for me. Although I am an independent blogger the same rules apply for the majority of online businesses too. It is all well and good having a million brilliant ideas bursting at the seams of your mind but if you don’t lay the foundations correctly no matter how good your ideas may be the end result will always be the same.

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Below I have compelled a list of some of my personal favourite business tools that help me make the most of my job and if you’re thinking of setting up a business online then these will help you get the best chance of profit.


First up, platform. That refers to your website. Sure you could go ahead and build your website yourself if you really wanted to. Personally for me however, I was never that great at all things I.C.T and the thought of building my own website from nothing made my brain hurt!

A few years ago I started out on a Platform called blogger and although it was good, it was very, very limited and one thing that I wanted was to make my site unique to me, something that I felt Blogger couldn’t give me. This was when I stumbled across WordPress.

Having a WordPress site is honestly the best for me and many, man others with hundreds of thousands of businesses of all sizes choosing WordPress because of its balance between an easy set up website and scalable platform for future growth. WordPress has many, many free website themes for you to choose from ranging from simple blog style themes to ones that are perfect for online shops. No matter what your idea is for your business you are sure to find the perfect theme here.

Believe it or not, WordPress is also super easy to Admin. I haven’t needed to call for help from my more computer savvy partner, it really is that easy to navigate that I am able to do it all myself. I even changed my theme the other month too!

Social media management.

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The trick to every successful business is of course their social media. You can’t have a business making profit if your business isn’t out there and advertised to the max. Every big successful business has a voice on the three big social media sites and yours can too, easily.

Of course, when you’re starting out on your own you won’t necessarily have time to spend your days posting on all these sites. It sounds a little time-consuming doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be. This is where social media management tools come in, and lets face it there are many.

I have tried my fair share of social media management tools during my time and all of them came with pros and cons, one that I have settled with however is Edgar. At the start of the week I log on and schedule tweets, statuses and many more and then throughout the week Edgar posts it on my behalf meaning that I have more time to make my blog grow in other ways.


Every time I used to see the word SEO I felt as though I died a little inside. Mainly due to the fact that I didn’t have a scooby what it meant. With the help from a few plugins, apps and websites I like to believe that I now have the bull by the horns.

MOZ is one thing that I along with many other people use. moz is somewhat like Marmite. Everyone I know has a love hate relationship with it but despite what we may think, we need it. Aside from giving us a DA, moz also helps us to find the best Keywords as well as giving you in-depth knowledge of your site.

Yoast is a plugin that I use when writing my posts.  It helps me write a post that will rank high in google and have great readability which again, is something that Google loves. I won’t lie, seeing those green smiling faces becomes somewhat addictive.

Master Data management.

Master data management is something that came about for businesses to improve the consistency of their key data assets such as product data, customer data, location data and so on. The need for accurate information is acute and managing data consistently and keeping data up to date is a challenge that never ends and as such many businesses turn to master data management.

There are many online sources to help should you wish to know more about this or to see whether or not you think your business will benefit from Master Data Management.

I do hope that this has given your some tips and ideas on ways to get the most out of your new business.

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