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Do You Want Fresher for Longer Laundry?

Please raise your hand if you wish your washing would smell fresher for longer.

When you open the door to your washing machine, how amazing is the smell of freshly washed clothing that escapes and fills the room? Sadly, more often than not, that smell is short-lived. You put your clothes away in your drawers smelling divine, then when it comes to getting them back out, the scent has faded, and you’re left feeling somewhat discouraged. After all, we purchase a fabric conditioner that we think smells great with the intention that we will end up wearing clothes with the same scent.

Well, fellow scent lovers, there’s good news: Lenor has put together a rather mighty pair. Think the Phillip and Holly or Ant and Dec duo of the laundry cleaning aisle. I’ve set the bar quite high here, haven’t I?

Of course, I have! But I have done that for a reason, you see, for the past few weeks I’ve been trying out Lenor’s fabric conditioner and also their new in-wash scent boosters together in a bid to make my clothes smell fresher for longer. I have put them to the test on all kinds of different items of clothing, and now I am confident enough to share my thoughts. Ready? Let’s dive in.

How I levelled up my laundry…

Washing is a big part of my daily life. I won’t lie, I used to hate it, it seemed like such a chore. However, I discovered that once I found the right products for me, my whole outlook on it changed.

For me, Lenor is my go-to brand. The fragrances are unimaginable. I know for many, Spring awakening is top of the shopping list but for me, I cannot go wrong with Gold Orchid – it’s simply the greatest!

As I mentioned above, for the past few weeks now, I have been trying out Lenor’s Gold Orchid fabric softener and also their in-wash scent boosters.

First thing I chose to do was wash my bedsheets, is there ever a better time to wash them than when you’ve got some brand new laundry products?

Once the cycle had finished the familiar smell wafted out of the door and greeted me as I leant in to collect my bedding. The weather was rather rubbish that day so I had to stick it in the tumble dryer, this is usually where my washing tends to lose the scent. However, the in-scent boosters kissed bye-bye to everything I had previously known, and I retrieved my clothes still smelling like of the Gold Orchid I had grown to love.

I can confirm that my bedding kept the scent for about three days and jumping into bed every night was absolute bliss.

It wasn’t long before my daughter decided that she wanted her bedding, her football kits and anything else that she could find. It has unquestionably been a hit with the whole household.

Talking of Shaniah’s football kit, the in-wash scent boosters say that the hold the scent for clothes in storage for up to 12 weeks. Although we haven’t tested for 12 weeks yet, Shaniah’s football kit kept its glorious scent for 6 days ready for Shaniah’s next game. Nothing beats running around the pitch wafting Gold Orchid wherever you go.

Overall thoughts.

Okay, so between my family and I, we have put this Lenor duo through their paces. And I can honestly say whether you use them on 30° for 30 minutes or you use them on a longer, more thorough wash, the outcome is always the same. The laundry always comes out smelling amazing, a scent that lasts for days, even when you’re wearing it.

Will I carry on using this duo? Yes! I have already purchased some more in-wash boosters from ASDA. Lenor has truly hit the nail on the head with this combination.

What do you think? Are you going to be sticking this duo on your shopping list?

Disclaimer: I was sent these products to try, I was under no obligation to write this post however, I just had to share my thoughts on this great duo!

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