Finding The Perfect Car.

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When Ryan and I first met he rocked up in a Hyundai Coupe. A car which couldn’t be more family unfriendly if it tried. Although it wasn’t so much a sports car it was built to look like one. Very small and only a 3 door. When it became clear that Ryan and I were in it for the long haul we decided to move Shaniah’s car seat permanently into his car. Before the car seat took over, he used to put his fishing kit in there for he’s a keen angler and attends quite a few fishing matches.

Ryan had struggled to fit the fishing kit in before but the struggles grew even more now that Shaniah has her car seat in there too!

After much thought, we decided that maybe it was time to say goodbye to the trusty coupe and get a bigger more practical car. One that would easily fit both his fishing kit and Shaniah’s car seat too.

Picking a new car wasn’t something Ryan could take lightly. After all, you can’t just go to a showroom and grab the first car you see can you? You’ve got to research a few, take a test drive, get a feel for the car you will be driving next.

Here are my top 5 tips that are bound to make your next purchase that little bit easier.

Work out your budget

When you know it is time to get your next car the first thing you need to do (after mentioning it to your other half) is to figure out what your budget is and stick to it! This may sound simple but it doesn’t half make things that little bit easier for you. Things to remember are: Monthly repayments (if you aren’t buying it out right), insurance, Road tax, petrol and more! You see, once you’ve bought your car it’s essentially a money pit!

Do your research!

Once you’ve figured out your budget it’s time to do some research! When Ryan was on the hunt for his car, he decided on a few things that his next car had to have. We have Shaniah and we take family members shopping with us so we needed more than 2 seats! Ryan needs to be able to put his fishing kit in the car (and there is a lot of it) so we needed a car with a big boot! We also go away quite a bit so a car that’s good with miles is another key thing. We spent many evenings sourcing the web for a car that ticked all our boxes we also read reviews. is a perfect online site to check when you’re researching the car that’s right for you!

Go look in showrooms.

Before you get set on a certain car, go to showrooms and check them out in person. You’ll be surprised just how much your opinion differs when you see some cars in person. Have a look in all the bits of the car. Is the car able to see through everything that you need it to? are the back seats spacious enough for a car seat?

Take a test drive.

Many Showrooms allow you to test drive the car. This is THE perfect way to decide if that car is the perfect one for you. Nothing sucks more than purchasing a car that once you’ve got into the driver’s seat, isn’t actually what you wanted. You can test drive as many as you see fit, get a real feel for the perfect car.

Check out both New and Used cars.

I know driving of the forecourt in a shiny, brand new, never been driven before car might get your heart racing but you’ll be surprised just how great used cars are. In fact, a used Nissan Qashqai is what we ended up going for and we couldn’t have been more happy with our final decision. It is perfect for us! However, should you really be set on that brand new car try to haggle with the price, not many people do this but you’ll be surprised just how generous car dealers will be to get a buyer.


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