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Educative, cheap and fun family days out to enjoy during the school summer holidays.

The school summer holidays are an ideal time for you to enjoy some quality family time with your children and experience some fun days out together. The problem is, some days out don’t come cheap, and while having fun is important, there’s also the importance of making sure your days out are educational. This can help keep your kids learning while they’re out of school, whether they attend one stateside or go to a private boarding institute.

With all this in mind, here are some family days out to for you to enjoy with your children during the school summer holidays, which are fun, cheap and educational.

The Zoo.

Zoos can make great family days out. They can be fun, and offer so much to see, do, and learn about, which makes them educative. During the summer holidays, visits can also be cheap, as many do family discounts like two-for-one offers. If your children have been studying certain wild animals at school, what can better than seeing those animals live in action, living in a similar version of their own habitat. Together, as a family, you can see and learn about everything from meat-eating big cats to herbivores, reptiles to nocturnal creatures, and watch them being fed, and have a go at feeding some too.

The seaside

A day at the seaside in the summer will probably never go out of style. It’s fun for all the family and, parking aside, it’s usually free. But unknown to some parents, it can also be educational. From watching the waves and learning about the tide, to fishing for crabs and star fish in rock pools, to weighing and measuring sand to build sand castles, there are many ways that a trip to the seaside can be fun and educational for young children. You could also take a walk along a pier, the beach or the coast and learn about the birds and wildlife.   

A Children’s farm

These always make good visits and chances are they’ll be one near to you. Many children’s farms are also free to have a look round as farmers make their money from extra activities, like animal feeding or by selling the produce from their animals, such as eggs and ice cream. There’s often plenty of farm animals to see and things to do, from horse riding to shearing sheep, milking cows to feeding goats and watching baby chicks hatching from their eggs. Children can also often learn about things like what foods farm animals eat, and the process of making cheese or ice cream from milk.    


A museum

A museum visit might seem like an obvious choice when it comes to educational visits, but should still be mentioned. Many of them are free or include free exhibits and they offer a fun and creative way of learning for children and adults alike. Children can learn a great deal too, including topics they might have covered at school, from key historical trades like the cotton industry, to how life was for families in the Victorian era. Seeing well-thought out and interesting exhibits, which are often interactive or come with videos and games, can make complex subjects more interesting and engaging for children and easier to understand.

A TV show studio

TV production companies are always looking for people to fill their audiences, from popular quiz shows to new talent contests. Tickets to sit in the audience and watch such shows are usually free and can be found online, often by applying or by putting your name into a lottery. It can be an exciting and educational experience for the family, as you and your children can see what goes into the making of a television programme. Seeing how a TV studio is set out, the number of cameras and their positions, and the people involved, can be fascinating. You might also get to meet the host before or after the show, or arrange to have a tour of the studio.

A quay or harbour

A visit to a nearby quay, marina, or harbour can be another good choice for a cheap day out. There’s often many educational activities to do, such as watching how boats, big or small, sail in, moor up, and sail out of a dock. Some quays also have interesting ship museums or offer cheap tours of historical boats. In addition to this, they also offer plenty of picturesque waterside walks, and opportunities to see quayside birds, ducks and marine life – making a fun and educational day out, which won’t cost the earth.

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