3 Easy-To-Forget Household Areas To Clean

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Most people make use of three kinds of cleaning process throughout the year. To begin with, a light clean-up and tidy-up is a task they may attend to each day, from washing your dishes to a quick vacuum if you’ve spilled something, to putting their children’s toys away, wiping down kitchen surfaces, and putting bleach in the toilet or shower drain to clean it out.

Second, a more intensive clean, which often takes place weekly. This might involve cleaning out your fridge, changing your sheets, cleaning your shower wall surfaces, mopping your hardwood floors, cleaning your toilet properly, vacuuming entire areas of the house, and dusting where appropriate.

Then, the third and final type of clean, the deep clean, may come around once every few months or perhaps only during the Spring cleaning effort. This involves puling out all the furniture, going behind appliances like the washing machine, buying new bedclothes entirely, having your carpet professionally cleaned or using a direct washing tool for that, and even power washing exterior areas like patio to remove grime where you can.

However – it’s also true that even during the latter approach, you can forget certain areas if you’re not careful. In this post, we’ll discuss those hidden areas, so you can plan them into your cleaning schedule just as well:

Your Solar Panels & Gutters

Solar panel cleaning is essential to refit from time to time, because otherwise it’s quite easy for dirt, grime and leaves to build up and limit the operational and renewable efficiency of your investment. Guter cleaning is also important, because a buildup of debris can sometimes lead to water pooling, and that may cause damage or leaks to the overall infrastructure, which may not seem too important now, but can lead to real problems later down the road. With professional cleaners able to help you in both circumstances, you can restore function and hygiene at all levels.

Your Ceiling Fans & Light Fixtures

The tops of lighting fixtures and fans can gather dust quite quickly, but because they’re out of sight, they tend to be forgotten about. That’s why it can be helpful to use a stepladder and duster to reach this area, to clean and repolish the containers where possible. That way, you at least know that out of sight, out of mind is a principle that won’t prevent you from living in a clean and well-kept household.

Vents, Crawlspaces & Air Ducts

Ventilation spaces, crawlspaces and air ducts can fill with dust, and sometimes even pests, if you’re not careful. That’s why having these spaces professionally maintained, or heading into the open spaces with a blower or vacuum cleaner can be helpful, provided it’s safe and you have stable footing. This way, you can blow out the unnecessary elements, or have an engineer service this space again. In some cases, like the crawlspace example, you can refit the walls to make sure pests aren’t able to access this space.

With this advice, you’re sure to clean even the easy-to-forget household areas in the best possible way.

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