Level up your Easter dinner with Round Corner brews.

Easter is fast approaching, and with the promise of good weather and, now lockdown has eased to allow 6 people/two households to meet up, good company, this year Easter is set to be a good social one.

We always have an Easter egg hunt for the children, but the fun and celebrations don’t have to be just for the children, oh no, Round Corner Brewing is here to make your Easter a glorious one and to level up your roast.

Last weekend, I threw together a mock Easter dinner with Roast Lamb and the trimmings to find the perfect beer to accompany the dish, however, after trying them all, they all fit the bill in different ways. Interested in getting your social drinking on this Easter? Let me introduce you to five of the very best drinks Round Corner has to offer.

Steeplechase Pale Ale 4.4% 330ml

Their website describes this ale as a sumptuous orange hue with Juicy hop aromas of oranges, tropical fruit and citrus orchards lead to a very pleasing bitterness and cleansing finish. I found this juicy, sweet pale ale incredibly delicious. This ale is really smooth and I’m in awe of what Round Corner Brewing has done with this ale – delicious!

Mackinaw 5.4% American Brown Ale 330ml

“This American Brown ale, with its 7 malt and 3 hop varieties (Cascade, Amarillo, and Crystal), has luscious malt characteristics of chocolate, nutty caramel and dates.  Balanced by citrus and marmalade characteristics of the US hops.  Bitter and malty.  Winter greatness…. just like the Mackinaw cloth it is named for.  A fabric, like our own Melton Cloth, which has clad workers and fashionistas across the ages.  Mackinaw and Melton.  Here’s to common roots and shared dreams.”

I found this one to be rather strong with the malty flavours and a mid-range bitterness, which for me, isn’t my cup of tea however, Ryan found this one to be one of his favourites so I guess it really is down to personal preference.

Gunmetal 4.8%

It is worth noting that, at the moment, this is a drink that cannot be bought on the website by itself, it can, however, be purchased in their “hop into easter mixed 12 pack” which for 30.00 I think is a steal!

“An inspired take on classic German ‘schwarzbiers’, Gunmetal’s a clean and crisp British lager. Dark brown in colour with a cream-like foamy head, it’s also something of a modern classic, having won ‘Best Lager’ at the International Brewing Awards! 4.8% abv.”

This one is one of my favourites and the one that I found went the best with my roasted lamb. It reminds me of a sort of Irish dry stout, especially with its foamy head! Definitely a firm favourite of mine.

Hopping Spree 6.6%

This is one that I haven’t tasted yet, I’m going to save it for my Easter visitors, mainly because I simply don’t think I could handle a drink that is 6.6%!

“After a particularly boisterous day at the horseraces in 1837, legendary rabble-rouser the Marquess of Waterford and his party descended on Melton and quite literally painted the town red. Inspired by that notorious spree, this delicious West Coast IPA is a suitable riot of hops, crafted to quench thirst and quicken the spirit. (Also, European champion IPA for the past two years).”

Drovers 4.3%

This is a beer that will make warmer days that bit special. Definitely put a spring in my step when I tried it with my meal, and with the least alcohol percentage than all the others, it’s one I can drink without getting merry!

“Drovers is our 4.3% ABV Hazy Vermont Session IPA. Massively dry-hopped with Lemondrop, Bavaria Mandarina, Citra, Mosaic & Motueka hops creates a juicy tropical-citrus fruit bomb. Generous additions of oats and torrified wheat ensure a silky-smooth palate balanced by a mellow bitterness. A juicy and well-balanced session beer.”

So, what are my overall thoughts?

Well, I think the perfect accompaniment to the Easter lamb has got to be either Drovers or Gunmetal. However, Ryan would say that Mackinaw was the best so it really does depend on personal preference and what type of drink you tend to go for anyway. One thing is for certain, if you try even just one of these then you will have a new favourite!

I was sent a selection of drinks in return for this post. As always I only ever share things that I truly believe in and would purchase myself.

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