Easter Monday – Bank holiday fishing.

18th April 2017

Yesterday we took a trip to Harescombe for a spot of bank holiday fishing. Ryan has always loved fishing since he was a little boy, he has at least one fishing holiday a year where he goes for a week to Cornwall with his family. Around this time of the year he spends the majority of his Wednesdays and Saturdays taking part in fishing matches where he quite regularly makes it into the top 3! We took Shaniah to one of his practice sessions a few months ago and to our surprise she absolutely loved it and as a result has been pleading with him to take her ever since. So what better way to spend your bank holiday than by a lake?

We set off to Harescombe at around 9.30am and got there at about 11am. We decided to fish on the Pasture lake.


Whilst Ryan unpacked the kit Shaniah and I stayed in the car, I didn’t know how to set up and Shaniah would only hinder. He got distracted and ended up having a little fish on his own before inviting us two to join – typical!


Once Shaniah had got her wellies on and was set free from the car seat she was off and getting stuck in. At first the only sign of life was the ducks that were floating around and flying above our heads. Which prompted Shaniah to sing all the songs she new about ducks.


Little lady had her first bite, she persevered long enough for a fish to actually be interested as you can imagine we all got really excited and ended up frightening her to the point she jumped off of Ryan’s lap leaving him to reel it in.

It was only a tiny fish but for Shaniah’s first ever catch I don’t think she did too bad. She went on to catch at least another 2 before we had to call it a day. as soon as we got home she was begging Ryan to take her again tomorrow so do we have the next big angler? Who knows. One thing that is for certain is she will need to overcome her fear of fish first…

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