Got an Ear Full? This Will Help

Let’s talk earwax, also known as ‘cerumen’!
While most of us try to remove any trace of earwax from our ears, some earwax is, in fact, good for them which means that it’s often the best policy to leave it alone. Believe it or not, earwax can and will come out by itself, although, and I am guilty of this, I never give it the chance to remove itself. Naughty, I know!

Whilst most of us would rather do without earwax, it is pretty useful stuff – in small amounts. It is a natural cleanser as it moves from inside which moves from inside the ear canal outwards, gathering up dead skin cells, hair and dirt along its way.

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The side effects of too much earwax

Whilst earwax is good for you, for the most part, if you have too much then it can turn into too much of a good thing. If your ear canal gets plugged up with earwax this can then cause earaches and infections amongst other problems. If the earwax gets stuck a certain way, it can then cause a cough. Not surprisingly, an excess of earwax can result in some loss of hearing.

How earwax develops

Earwax starts as a mixture of fatty secretions from the sebaceous glands and sweat glands in the walls of our outer ear canals. Jaw movements created by chewing and talking helps to propel those secretions through our canal and out to the ear opening. As it passes through, it picks up all the dead skin cells and debris to create earwax.

Earwax that collects loads of dead skin cells and debris can end up turning hard. This can result in a higher chance of the earwax getting lodged and causing an earache.

Earwax removal

If you have an excess build-up and the usual removal remedies aren’t sorting it out, you can get medical help to remove the blockage. qualified clinicians/doctors such as Harley Street Hearing Clinic will be able to help. 

It’s super important to seek the advice of a professional, over sticking foreign objects inside your ear as you may well find yourself pushing the wax deeper into your ear and subsequently damaging your eardrum.

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