4 Dating Ideas to Find Player 2.

For the last year or so, we’ve all been told one thing and one thing only and that was; to stay at home. Yes, Boris Johnson really did tell us to stay at home in order to keep everyone safe. Looking back on it, it sounds like something straight out of a Hollywood film!

Between homeschooling and toilet roll hunting I couldn’t really find the time to enjoy the perks of staying home however, it seems that many others did. Whether that was to catch up on programs that were recorded but never got round to watching, making a dent in the massive bookcase. Others found peace on their gaming consoles with an increase in the purchase of Nintendo Switches and the release of the brand new PlayStation which everyone has gone mad for.

The gaming community is a very tight-knit one, with consoles allowing people to chat to others in the game it’s very hard to feel alone when you are ‘online’.

With the easing of lockdown recently taking effect, dating is very much back in the game, and with the mention of gaming on the rise, I thought that I’d list a few gamers dates perfect for those who love to be online.

Play together either online or literally.

This one is rather a no brainer, right? But honestly, I couldn’t think of a better date! You could invite your love interest around for an evening of competitive gaming or you could simply play online over the headsets.

Visit a gaming convention.

With the world slowly opening back up, and events are slowly being allowed to go ahead. With that being said there is no doubt that gaming conventions will be back on the cards one day soon. The most notorious one that comes to mind is comic-con, I have always wanted to attend one of these as they look like so much fun. You could dress up as your favourite game character and have an absolute blast, while maybe learning something new in the process!

Have a game date at home.

Grab a Deliveroo, get the games out and have a gameathon. Or you could put YouTube on the telly and get some gaming tips while cuddled up and munching your way through a bowl of snacks.  

Take a trip to an arcade.

If you are lucky enough to live near a beach, then why not take a trip to an arcade? In recent years arcades have upgraded from simple (yet fun) 2p slot machines to VR games and the likes. There really is so much fun to be had at an arcade for all ages.

So, there we are, a wide selection of gamer dates ideas to level up your date. Gaming really isn’t anything to be ashamed of, I mean, you may even find the love of your life through your mutual love of games. Personally, I think gamer relationships are so romantic, we’ve all seen those pictures of Facebook of two people snuggles up together holding a console. Wouldn’t we all love a relationship as good as that one?

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