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My dream garden

Home improvements, they are never-ending aren’t they? Just when I think I have the house how I want it a swift glance through Pinterest soon brings to my attention other mini makeover ideas for yet another room of the house. We’ve recently done most of the bedrooms, revamped the bathroom, done the hallway, lounge kitchen and just when Ryan believes that everything is complete I have gone and dropped the garden bombshell.

It will be Summer soon right? Exactly! That means lovely long bright evenings, over use of the barbecue and of course the very much needed and extremely long overdue outdoor play by Shaniah.  All this requires the garden to be looking tip-top. Nobody wants to invite their mates over to a bloody jungle do they?

I have so many ideas for my garden, probably too many ideas but hey we will go with it. It will look perfect in the end and if not well it’s not finished then is it?

Here are my top 5 things that I want to change or include in my garden revamp.

Play centre for Shaniah.

Now this is something that I would absolutely love to have in the garden for Shaniah. One of those activity stations which have a slide, swing, see-saw all that built-in. She will be in her element out there and maybe (just maybe) I might be able to have a tidy house again…please? 

Tidy it up a little.

I know, I know! This makes it sound like my garden is a no go zone at the moment, it’s not. What I mean by this is I want to have some flowers, keep the lawn at an appropriate and less embarrassing rate and just make it a little more presentable, Instagrammable maybe?

Nice folding doors leading to the garden.

Before you get to the garden you are going to go through a door right? I want my door to reflect the awesome garden that awaits beyond it. One way I feel this would happen is if I get my dream folding door. I just feel that look so classy and modern. Nothing will beat walking through folding doors on a nice summers day with the sun shining down on my garden!

A patio for summer evening meals.

I would absolutely love to have a patio in my garden with a lovely seating area so that I have somewhere for my family and I to eat on those luxurious summer evenings. I will be so lovely to just relax outside in the evenings and listen to the birds chirp away and watch the sun set as the evening draws to a close.

Vegetable patch.

I absolutely love to cook. I am always trying put new recipes many of which always include vegetables. I would absolutely love to have a vegetable patch where both Shaniah and I can grow our own food and then eventually eat it. I am sure it might just make shaniah eat those greens a little more!

So that is what I would do with my garden if I had the chance. What would you do?



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