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Disability and independence

Disability. There’s so many kinds of disability. Each disability ranging in symptoms and some more debilitating than others, yet not a single disability is something to be ashamed of.

You see, no two disabilities are the same. Some people are able to go about their daily duties with minimal hiccups or boundaries. Others require that little bit of help to get around, help to do the daily tasks that some of us take for granted.

For many, their disabilities are far from obvious. I have Epilepsy and for the majority of my days I seem like a perfectly healthy human. However, other days, usually the ones after a seizure I am a completely different person. My limbs hurt and I just want to sleep. I am able to manage my Epilepsy and SVT somewhat with the help of medication.

However, for other people their disabilities are more visible. These are disabilities that can’t just be solved with a few medications they require the use of aids such as wheelchairs or stairlifts to make their days that little bit easier and to give them a sense of independence.

Living with disabilities can be very daunting, but things have come a long way now. The worlds attitude towards people with complications are changing, although the stigma still exists somewhat, it is changing and the presence of these obscene views are becoming few and far between.

There are many places both online and in store where you are able to purchase products that make your life or someone that you love that little bit easier.

Millercare is a company that offers a range of aids for disability such as, power wheelchairs, stairlifts, adjustable beds and mobility scooters. With over 60 years experience they are the perfect company to help you find the aids that you require with affordable prices. Whatever it is that you are after, you can have peace of mind that Millercare have a wide range of high quality products to designed to make lives easier.

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