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The perfect night in

There are very few things in life that make me more happy than food does. Wine being one of them. Now a nice meal in with my other half is also very lovely… but pizza, ah! Now we are talking. Pizza is the gift from Gods. However mix those things together and my lord what a happy woman I shall be.

Last Friday, we decided that we’d have a date night. Now, as grown ups with responsibilities our “date nights” consist of throwing a quick meal into the oven and sitting down on the sofa and enjoying a bit of tv. Yep, we really are adventurous when it comes to date nights.

This time however we decided to spice things up a bit! No, not in that way. We have recently discovered that Nisa our local convenience store has a selection of high quality meals and wines (and wine guys) at super affordable prices.

Our meals were sorted… I had three cheese pizza and Sauvignon Blanc and Ryan had spicy chicken pizza and Merlot.

We were super excited to try these out and our excitement only grew when we unwrapped the packaging and smelt them. the aromas hit your nostrils as you undo the plastic and oh my, if you aren’t hungry before you will be now.

The pizza’s took less than 15 minutes to cook and you end up with a super tasty meal in super quick time. The pizza’s have a lot of toppings something that, for Ryan, is very important.

Ryans become a massive fan of the Heritage range!

Ryan is very fussy when it comes to shop bought pizza for and we very rarely end up going back and buying the same thing twice. However, Ryan was the first to fire compliments at the Spicy Chicken pizza. I am pretty plain Jane when it comes to pizza’s but I really, really loved this mine and even tried a slice of Ryan’s which I was pleasantly surprised by –  it was gorgeous!

Pizza and wine from heritage

It was now time to try our wines. Ryan likes to see himself as a pretty good judge when it comes to wines. He took a sip and flooded the wine with compliments. He loved his Merlot so much that he went as far as to say it tasted just like a wine which he had with his father in France a few years back to the tune of £200! Now I can promise you the Heritage range from Nisa local is definitely not as expensive. My Sauvignon Blanc was also absolutely scrumptious. It is a wine that although it’s cheap I wouldn’t feel bad about gifting.

Now what were our overall thoughts?

We were pleasantly surprised by just how good the Heritage products actually tasted. I mean, as far as pizzas and wines go they don’t get much better than this and the fact that you can get it so local and at such a good price. We never thought that Nisa local would do stuff like this especially with such variety and we are already looking forward to going and grabbing some more.

Do you have a Nisa local? Have you tried their Heritage range? Let me know in the comments!



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