Designing Your Garden To Work All Year Round

Having a garden you can step into at any time of the year is a real privilege. If you’ve always got an outdoor space to retreat to when you go stir crazy indoors, you’ll always have a wealth of fresh air, smells, and sounds to indulge in. Indeed, it’s the most desirable form of home renovation in a ‘post pandemic’ era!

But you’ll need to put in a lot of work to achieve a garden like this. The weather can wreak havoc on any garden setup, and there’s always a chance your plants will fail to take root, even during season! However, there are some tricks you can pull to make this kind of garden easier to pull off.

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Know Your Seeds

If you’re going to grow a year-round garden without any kind of help (maybe you’re on a budget), then you’re going to need to know your seeds. What’s best planted in spring and summer? What does well in autumn and winter? How can you keep the ‘crops’ rotating so they don’t experience too much of one element and not enough of the other? Get researching right now!

Add a Greenhouse to the Space

A greenhouse will allow you to grow any and all kinds of plants, no matter if they’re out of season or not. Greenhouses are good ways to keep the sustainable element of your home running all year round, and it’s not all that difficult to put one up yourself either.

Buy the right materials – plastic corrugated roofing sheets, glass window panes, growing tables, etc., – and then simply knock it all together. You can then install heating and light lamps, and simply go head in to water as and when you need to.

Cover Up Your Patio Space

If it’s an area you use to sit and read in the evening, or host dinner parties and BBQs for your friends, or to cosy up with a blanket next to the fire pit, it needs some kind of cover. And a waterproof one at that, affixed securely to anything holding it up.

This is the one space you’re going to use more than any other when it comes to your garden, and thus it needs the most protection. After all, you’ve invested in plenty of garden furniture – you wouldn’t want that to get all soggy! As long as you’ve got somewhere to sit and look out, whether it’s shining or raining, you’ll have an all year, all purpose garden.

Throw Out Any Rubbish Immediately

If the rubbish builds up, your garden will become a wasteland. From dog mess to old tools to organic refuse bags littering the yard, rubbish is a real eyesore! And when it comes time to clear it all up, you’ll hate yourself for not throwing things away as and when they were binned. Take this habit into the new year with you, and always clear up after yourself.

January is the best time to start planning a year-round garden!

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