Date nights just got a whole lot better with Love Drop.

28th February 2018

Relationships, they are a little bit like plants aren’t they? You need to keep focused on them and give them enough care and attention or they will just die. I will be the first to admit that I don’t give my relationship the amount of attention that it needs and since having Shaniah my bedroom is for sleep only. I know it shouldn’t be that way but there is only a certain amount of CBeebies someone can tolerate before they start dreaming of bed.

The last thing I want is to lose Ryan so we made a pact that to spend at least one evening a week solely focused on each other, no phones, nothing to distract us just spend quality time together. You could say it was kind of like a stay in date night, you wouldn’t be wrong.

Subscription boxes have become all the range at the moment. No matter what you are looking for you are bound to find a subscription package to suit you, so it was no surprise when we came across a subscription package especially for date nights.

LoveDrop is a bi-monthly subscription box for couples to try out new things in the bedroom. Each box is filled with activities to do with your partner to get to know their body a little bit more.

Date box


With February being the month of love, we were keen to try out the February/March box. Everything inside is a complete and utter surprise which makes it that little bit more intriguing. The box is shipped to you discretely meaning that those nosey neighbours of yours won’t know whats arriving.

Ryan came home from work and we opened the box together –  who says romance is dead? We were actually pleasantly surprised by just how much was in the box! It is about the size of a standard shoe box and is filled to the brim of goodies that we would never think about purchasing and some other bits that we probably wouldn’t ever see if it wasn’t for the box.


The February/March LoveDrop box includes:

You will also receive a leaflet filled with information about the contents of your box and also dates and challenges which include things likes challenges to bring you two closer, date night ideas, position of the month and also interesting facts!


LoveDrop focus on creating the best date nights, they believe that trying something new helps to keep your relationship fresh, new and exciting. Which I totally agree with. Whether your sex life is red hot or needs a little pick-me-up, date nights are always essential for togetherness and intimacy. I loved trying their challenges, and together we enjoyed checking out the box together and spending more time on each other than we normal would.

LoveDrop is perfect for any kind of couple. Receiving the box gives you and your partner something new to look forward to each month, why not check them out?

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