Date Night’s Don’t Have To Cost The Earth.

What do you think of when you read the words “Date Night”? 

You thought of nice outfit, make-up and a night out somewhere right? Of course you did.

When we become parents we tend to let date nights take a back seat. We feel guilty for spending an evening away from our little ones and that is understandable, after all we chose to have them and the unconditional love that comes with.

Hold date nights at home.

Although  going out for the evening is a pretty exciting and sometimes much needed break, we only ever do it every other couple of months or so. Which is unfair on our relationships and us. We really should be doing them more often, one way we could do that is by simply having date nights at home, after all date nights don’t have to cost the earth.

I have put together a list of ideas and ways for you to have the perfect date but at home and at a fraction of the cost.

  1. Have a meal.
    Once your little ones are in bed cook a meal together that you both like or maybe haven’t tried before  – heck even order a takeaway! light a candle on the table and tuck in. When was the last time you two had a yummy meal together (just you) in the comfort of your own home?
  2. Have a movie night.
    After you have both tucked in to your dinner go jump on the couch and find a film that you both love, pour that wine and serve those snacks, who needs a cinema?
  3. Watch the sunset.
    Grab a picnic blanket, Blanket, wine and treats and head for the garden. It is crazy just how romantic watching the sun go down feels. Super simple yet overly cute!
  4. Have a theme night.
    Pick a theme and base the whole evening around it. For example –  you choose America, Find an American dish to cook, then a film etc.
  5. All dressed up with nowhere to go.
    Throw on your favourite dress, slap on that lippy and have a romantic night in. Order a takeaway light some candles and snuggle on the sofa. Go ahead and dance to some music if you want to – nobody is looking!
  6. Try another culture.
    Is there a type of food that you would love to try but haven’t got round to doing so yet? Grab a recipe and get creative.
  7. Games night.
    Ryan and I are a very competitive couple. Geez, even Monopoly is super competitive in this house. We absolutely love to take a night away from the tv and have a games marathon – even if one of us end up a little grumpy due to a disagreement over who actually won!
  8. Spa at home.
    Give each other massages and foot rubs. Feeling good doesn’t have to cost a bomb!
  9. Recreate a tasty restaurant meal together.
    This one is one we tried recently… and failed! However, we had a giggle trying to complete it!
  10. Find a series and binge watch it.
    Search for a tv series that interests you both and have a programme marathon –  don’t forget the goodies!

Sometimes the best dates are free, or at least cheap. Try one of these ideas for a date night in with your loved one.

1 thought on “Date Night’s Don’t Have To Cost The Earth.

  1. We don’t have children, but we do date night at home sometimes and often cook a special meal together – something a bit more challenging that encourages teamwork!

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