Daily Routine, Coronavirus & Schools Out Edition

After four month’s of complete lockdown, the nation is starting to open back up in a safer and stricter post-lockdown style. Shaniah, being super sociable, is having to adapt to life less sociable than she’s use to it’s hard but super essential.

When we were told we had to all go into lockdown 3 weeks seemed like such a chore, four months in and now embarking on summer holidays, Shaniah’s school decided to break up for 9 weeks rather than the usual 6. I won’t lie, Shaniah was more than ready to call time on homeschooling, as was I!

Throwing it back to the start of lockdown, Shaniah had already had a week off as she was so very poorly. Looking back and seeing how many children in her class also fell ill, I would be very surprised if she didn’t have the virus.

Primarily, we are a family who loves nothing more than routine. I mean, some days we throw our routine out the window and go rogue but for the majority of the time we stick to our plan.

Daily routine – coronavirus and schools out edition.

7.30 – I wake up and take a moment to scroll through social media while Shaniah still sleeps. I look at this as a kind of 21st century newspaper.

8.00 – Shaniah wakes up so we come downstairs. I make Shaniah her breakfast, usually some toast and some magic charms and I hand her her iPad, while I unload the dishwasher whilst drinking a cappuccino.

9.00 – Shaniah will either chill watching the telly or she will play with her dolls. While Shaniah does that, I make my bed, clean my room and also the on-suite.

10.00 – Depending on the weather, we then head out to the garden to play. In the past weeks I’ve been turning the playhouse into different things ranging from a hospital to a supermarket and this week it’s a post office. Inspiration from Twinkl. If the weather isn’t great we will do indoor crafts or some Osmo play.

11.00 – This is the time where we will either walk to the shop or go to the park. I do like to make sure that we get out of the house as many days as we can. We love having the park back open as their is a huge area to run about should we wish to.

12.00 – LUNCHTIME! I do Shaniah a picky plate and I will either have a salad or a sandwich and we will tend to eat our lunch in-front of the telly. We try to limit gadgets to only while she eats, that way she doesn’t end up having too much screen time which is super easy to accidentally do during the current circumstances.

1.00 – Again we go out to play outside, we will either play with the sandpit or I will get out the bike and she will happily play around outside until Ryan gets home.

3.00 – 4.00 – This is the hour which I dedicate to dinner. We have it early because by the time Ryan is home from work, he is rather hungry. I think the fact that he eats his lunch at 10am might have something to do with it.

5.00 – Shaniah will tend to have her pudding now, something simple like a yoghurt or some fruit.

6.00 – We usually use this time to catch up with each others day and to call family. Lockdown has made me see whats really important. We then snuggle down on the sofa and watch tv as a family.

7.00 – I will do Shaniah a little snack before bed, simply because we have dinner earlier. It’ll be something like crackers or a sandwich.

7.30 – This is the time which Shaniah ALWAYS goes to bed, we brush her teeth, get her changed and get her into bed. Some nights she asks for a story, other nights she just wants to settle down and watch a Disney movie. I will be super transparent here and say that Shaniah will come down a few times complaining that she is hungry or that she wants another movie. This is just stalling tactics because what 6 year old goes straight to sleep.

When it comes to the weekend, our routine is nothing like this, in fact, we don’t usually have a routine. The only thing that happens for certain every weekend is Ryan going fishing!


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