Combining Messy Play and Role Play With Kooties.

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We were recently gifted a Kooties coverall, and we have spent the past week putting it to the test. After all, if it can survive Shaniah’s antics, it can endure anything!

Shaniah has always been one to love role play and in particular, dressing up. Lately, Shaniah has been imagining that she is either a policeman or a doctor, which is convenient considering Kooties have many different coveralls to choose from such as a paramedic, firefighter, police officer and a construction worker.

Kooties coveralls are a world’s first coverall that combines messy play with role play.

Acknowledging I have only one child, the amount of washing that accumulates is staggering. One reason for this is the fact that my child loves to be outside come rain or shine! And although I am far from irritated by this, she does manage to get through various outfit changes during a regular day. I was keen to see if the coverall would help reduce the washing pile.

Shaniah arrived home from school to find the paramedic style coveralls waiting for her. As the weather was truly gorgeous, (it has been for a while now), we decided to put the coverall to the test at one of our neighbourhood playgrounds.

Shaniah took along her scooter and during the walk to the park, she would stop every so often in order to help make some patients (stones and leaves) better. This is one of the things that drew me to Kooties Coveralls, the fact that children don’t see them as some boring mess preventer but more of an exciting add-on.

The first thing Shaniah got up to was to attempt to climb a tree. She doesn’t climb it, but what she does do is lay across one of the tree’s roots and ends up with scuffed tights, She then looks towards the ground beneath the tree to see if she can find any minibeasts. Her lovely white tights end up not so lovely and white.

Thankfully, wearing the coveralls prevented her tights from becoming dirty. She ended up getting more than one day out of them -hurrah!

After having a run-around and a practice on the assault course, Shaniah wanted to have a water fight. This is something that we would usually do at home because obviously, she ends up soaked. She had her coveralls on so we rest assured that she would be just fine.

The next day Shaniah wanted to make her slime. I will be completely honest here and admit that even though she got it for her birthday (over a month ago), I have been putting off letting her make it as I just don’t like the mess. I guess slime is a bit like Marmite?

The one thing that annoys me the most is how she gets it everywhere! It’s not the easiest of substances to wash off either. We were frantically trying to scrub the last lot off of her arms! Thankfully, in the knowledge that Kooties coveralls fully protects Shaniah’s clothes, I was happy enough to let her get completely messy and enjoy making the slime without me worrying so much about the mess.

What we made of our Kooties Coverall.

I actually really love the idea of Kooties coveralls. As well as being the worlds first coverall to combined messy play with role play, they’re also made using recycled plastic. Their current recycle rate stands at 25%, which they aim to change to 100% during the next two years. I love that once you have finished using the product, you can place them in textile recycling rather than have them thrown into landfill. Every little helps!

The coverall really does do what it is designed for. It means Shaniah is free to play in the mud, chalk the pavements, paint pictures in the garden and just be a child! I am happy in the knowledge that my wash pile isn’t getting bigger!

I think that these coveralls will fast become every parent’s dream. Think of them as your fairy godmother if you wish! Wave hello to your smaller washing pile.

Love what you see? Head on over to Kooties website where you can take a look at their whole range, and if you find the right fairy godmother disguised as the world’s first role play and messy play coverall, use the code MUMMY15 at the checkout to get 15% off your order. At just £6.99 before the discount is even applied, these coveralls are a steal!


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