Combining glam and Slime with Glam Goo!

6th March 2018

Slime. Children far and wide have become obsessed with the sticky oozy mess. If your family is anything like ours you will have a search history which is full of slime recipes, none of which actually turned out okay and a child who is growing increasingly frustrated by my inability to produce some YouTube worthy slime.

Thankfully Glam Goo have heard all the late night tears of parents at the end of their gooey tether and have created the perfect toy for slime crazy girls everywhere. They have found a way to combine fashion with slime and the results are seriously impressive.


Pretty cool aye? The idea with Glam goo is to make slime fashionable by creating your very own unique slime. This deluxe pack is filled to the brim with exciting things to make your little ones slime adventure totally awesome.

Glam goo deluxe pack comes with the following:


Your little ones are able to customise and decorate their slime then once they are happy with it they are able store and wear it in their cute fashion accessories. Fill the accessories with slime to match each outfit! The possibilities are endless.

Shaniah had buckets of fun making loads of different colours and storing each variety in one of the many compartments of the purse. The fun didn’t stop there either the ring proved a massive hit too and she styled the ring to go with her many princess dresses.

I was pleasantly surprised by just how many uses you are able to get out of the container of slime. It gave Shaniah hours of entertainment during the last few snow days and as it stands there is still just under half the pot left meaning that there is still hours of fun yet to be had!

You are also able to purchase additional bumper packs at around £14.99 to add more fun to your little ones slime adventures.


Shaniah was fascinated by the magic that unfolded before her very eyes when what was once clear slime managed to turn blue with the help of some blue powder!


You are also able to make fantastic unicorn slime by combining the slime with a bit of blue and pink powder and the decorations.

Overall opinions.

Overall, I believe this is the perfect toy for mini slime loving fashionistas out there. Parent’s can just sit back and relax without the stress of locating all the weird and bizarre items needed to create slime from scratch and the youngsters are able to let their mind run free and create all sorts of amazingly unique slimey styles.  Priced at £29.99 it’s not the cheapest however for what you get and how long the slime lasts I honestly do believe that it is worth every penny. I am certainly going to be purchasing the add on packs for more fun!



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  1. Amy Marohl says:

    Wow! I have never heard of this before! I will have to watch for this product. It may be that is has not reached the United States yet. Thank you for showing this, I will share it on Pinterest too.

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