Colloidal Silver – the product taking the human and pet market by storm

While colloidal silver has been around since 1938, it has recently gained renewed excitement. This is similar to fashion trends that come and go. However, there is a strong feeling that colloidal silver will continue to be popular for both humans and their pets due to its many benefits.

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What is Colloidal Silver?

Did you know that Colloidal Silver is an effective antibacterial solution made up of pure silver particles suspended in a liquid, usually distilled water? The spray solution may appear Amber in colour due to the larger particles that prevent light from passing through.

It is difficult to find genuine Colloidal Silver products in the market due to their high production costs. Most producers choose to make Ionic Silver solutions instead. The primary distinction between the two is that Ionic Silver is a solution of silver ions that is generally used for overall health, while Colloidal Silver is a suspension of silver particles that is used to combat infections.

What makes Colloidal Silver so exciting?

Dr R. Becker’s rigorous testing concluded that silver plays a critical role in strengthening the immune system and breaking down bacteria and viruses. It is not a recent discovery that silver has antibacterial properties, as it has been recognized for centuries.

During the testing, it became clear that single-celled germs cannot mutate into silver-resistant forms. This is unlike conventional antibiotics, where such mutations are common knowledge. Silver never develops tolerance. Additionally, Colloidal Silver does not interfere with any other medicines a consumer may be taking.

There are numerous noteworthy facts about Colloidal Silver. Have you had the opportunity to learn about it?

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