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5th March 2018

I love doing my make-up, whether it’s for going out or just practising I find it very therapeutic. There’s so much to enjoy when doing your make-up. You can really let your personality shine through with a little bit of lipstick and eyeliner that is on fleek!

One thing that I don’t enjoy about doing my make up is the inevitable cleansing of the brushes. I won’t lie to you, I used to be very religious when it came to washing my brushes but since I had Shaniah I just don’t have the time to sit in the bathroom and clean all my brushes let alone wait for them to dry.

Mama has bags for days, they need covering!

Recently I was invited down to Professional Beauty which was being held in ExceL London, there was absolutely hundreds of stalls each showcasing amazing companies within the beauty industry. One stall that grabbed my eyes was the StylPro stall. There were loads of boxes of the product against the back wall and two beautiful women stood at the front holding brushes that in my eyes were sparkling new compared to the monstrosities that lay at home awaiting my return. We stood around as the lady demonstrated just what StylPro was all about. My goodness! This is magic, brushes that went in grubby came out gleaming and dry within seconds. How is that possible?

I knew right then that this product was needed back at mine, my embarrassingly dirty brushes that lay in waiting at home would not know what has hit them and I may be able to look like I genuinely have my sh*t together all whilst using minimal effort!

Fast forward a week and look what landed on my doorstep. When I say landed I am not joking, the doorbell rang and when I opened the door the parcel was on my doorstep and the delivery guy was nowhere to be seen –  told you it was magic!


Eek! I honestly couldn’t wait to try this out. My make-up brushes were looking more and more sorry for themselves as the days went on. Thankfully, due to recent snow there wasn’t anywhere we could go due to road closures so it was the perfect excuse to put this product to the test.

I will be honest here and say that brushes are never usually as dirty as mine as I am sure that you all wash them regularly, so I wasn’t expecting this product to take these brushes back to their original state like it did with the brushes at Pro Beauty but I was excited to see the magic none the less.

Inside the box was:


I gathered up my brushes and filled the bowl with the make-up brush cleanser placed my foundation brush into the fight sized collar and attached it to the StylPro device and set to work. Like I said earlier I wasn’t expecting the brush to be as good as new because I hadn’t cleaned it since I purchased it and I can’t actually remember when that was but I knew that the results would be great none the less.


As soon as I placed the brush in the solution and turned the gadget on the solution started to turn the colour of my foundation – gahh! I cannot believe how grubby I let my brushes get! They advise using the solution for foundation and liquid and soap and water for powder. after about 15 seconds I lifted the brush out of the solution and let it spin around in the pot for another 15 seconds. I then turned the gadget off and removed the brush. My word! It was like a completely different brush and better still it was perfectly dry.

I emptied the solution refilled the pot with soap and water for my powder brushes. This product is incredible. When the gadget is turned on it makes the brush bristles spread out and that enables the solution to work its way down the whole of the brushes meaning that the full length of the bristles are clean instead of just the top half when you clean them manually. You really get a sense that the brushes are as clean as they possibly can be when you’re using the StylPro.

If like me you find the task of cleaning your brushes a little daunting and lets face it a drag. I cannot recommend the StylPro enough. Your brushes come out as good as new no matter how dirty they went in and the fact that they come out fully dry means that you are able to use them straight away what a win?!


You are able to purchase StylPro from Boots, their website and Argos.

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