ChouKette NQY – French tea room.

Last week whilst on holiday in Cornwall we took a trip into Newquay whilst the men in our lives were participating in a fishing match. During our trip to Newquay we stumbled across a shop with a window full of cake – yep, you read that right a whole window filled corner to corner with cakes and macaroons made to the highest of standards!

ChouKette is a French patisserie and confectionery tea room which specialises in creating high quality desserts at a low cost.

At first we were just simply window shopping as looking at the quality of everything within we were sure that they all came with a price tag to match but when we saw that the Trio choc was only £3.75 we all immediately decided that we were going to go inside and fuel our taste buds!

The staff within are faultless and everything is affordable but handmade to the highest of standards.

I had the Trio choc which originally caught my eye back in the shop window, which consists of chocolate mouse, a layer of chocolate then a biscuit base it was absolutely mouth watering and I would have definitely bought more if the weather hadn’t have been so hot as they would have only ruined on the journey home – boo!!

The rest of the gang had a strawberry macaroon, an eclair and also another chocolate trio and some little macaroons for the little ones. Every single one of us were plowing through the cakes as they were simply like nothing we had ever tasted before! Not a single person had anything negative to say about their experience, in fact we even went back up to order some drinks that we noticed on the menu that we were being nosy at whilst eating. Ii have a strawberry and mint smoothie and the others had hot chocolates and tea, all of which again were faultless!

If you fancy eating in, they have a corner dedicated to children where there is a pretend cooker with pretend food and a chefs outfit, a chalkboard built into the wall and a table for colouring which both the children absolutely loved so much so we had to practically drag them away from the area when it was time to leave! I really do think that this play area is a gods send for parents with a sweet tooth that want to catch up with their friends whilst having little ones in tow. You can munch and chat away knowing that your children are also having the time of their lives.

Not only do they do puds, they also do chocolate, marshmallows, fresh croissants, pain au chocolat, sugar brioche, chocolate brioche and much, much more! So if you are ever down in Newquay by the sea front make sure to check these guys out!

When we went in we were told by the lovely man behind the counter that this tea room had only been open for 21 days so I would like to wish them every success in the future and to keep on doing what they’re doing and spreading love in the form of delicious desserts!

Want to find out more about ChouKette? check them out on:

*Disclaimer: ChouKette had no involvement in this post – the views are entirely my own. 


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