Cheap and easy summer activities for children.

It’s clear that we’re counting down to summer vacation with eagerness. Personally, I always look forward to this time of year. The absence of morning chaos and the happiness that seems to radiate from my children are just a couple of reasons why. However, I’ve noticed that many parents are feeling anxious about how to keep their kids occupied during summer, especially given the current state of the economy. It’s understandable that this can add extra stress to an already busy and nerve-wracking time. In light of this, I’ve compiled a list of inexpensive ways to keep our little ones entertained this summer, without having to break the bank.

Camp out in the back garden.

If you have enough space and amenities, allowing your nature-loving children to camp in the backyard can be an exciting experience. Even though they may only be a few feet away from their bedroom, sleeping somewhere new can make them feel like they’re on vacation. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider inviting one of your child’s friends to join in on the fun.

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If the weather is not favourable, you can allow your child to bring their bedding downstairs and sleep in the lounge. This is something my child always enjoys doing.

Download the app and go geocaching as a family.

Have you heard of Geocaching? It’s like a huge game of hide-and-seek that anyone can play for free. At designated locations, there are containers with log books where you can leave a message, just like many others before you. You might even discover little trinkets left by the previous player, which you can trade for something of yours. It’s a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy.

Geocaching has gained popularity in recent years, although it has been around for a long time. I remember doing it when I was younger, but there were fewer locations to explore back then compared to now.

Host a movie marathon night.

As a family, we enjoy ending our week by gathering together to watch a movie. It’s a wonderful way to unwind and transition into the weekend. Our movie nights are often accompanied by hotdogs or pizza, but sometimes a humble bowl of popcorn is all we need.

Shaniah and her friends came up with a new idea to spend time together. They plan to watch a movie simultaneously in their own homes and chat about it in real time on their devices. This is a fantastic way to enjoy each other’s company without the pressure of hosting a group of five children.

Write letters to family and friends.

Writing letters as a family is an affordable and enjoyable activity that may have fallen out of fashion. When weather conditions are unfavourable and the kids start complaining of boredom, gather together and write letters to their grandparents. They are particularly suited for this activity and would undoubtedly appreciate receiving them. Who knows, they may even reply!

Make homemade birdseed ornaments.

Photo by Lindsey Garrett

Today’s children have a keen interest in wildlife, which may be inspired by the renowned naturalist Attenborough. It’s a wonderful thing, and you can make the most of your child’s love for nature by encouraging them to get their hands dirty and make homemade birdseed. Most recipes only require you to buy bird food for pigeons, gelatin, corn syrup, cookie cutters, and string. This is a budget-friendly activity that benefits both your child and the local wildlife.

Plan a weekly ‘cooking class’.

Looking for a fun summer activity to do with your children that will also teach them valuable life skills? Many teenagers only know how to cook simple dishes like pot noodles or pasta, but imagine how proud you would feel if your child had more extensive culinary knowledge than their peers. Consider planning a cooking activity this summer that will help them develop important skills for the future.

If you’re too busy to plan your weekly recipes, Little Paper Swan has a Summer Bake Club available. By signing up, you’ll receive 6 recipe videos to bake with your children.

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