October 2017 Holiday. Day 5 – Charlestown.

Wednesday 18th October 2017

It’s Wednesday! Ryan was up super early because it was his first fishing match of the holiday.  Although he was up early, he wasn’t fully looking forward to it. There is one lake he really, really didn’t want to get simply because it had been over fished the past few days with the Parkdean masters being held there a few days prior. Low and behold he got that lake! Although initially it was the one he wanted the least it started to grow on him and he was reminded that it’s not about how bad the lake is it’s about how the angler works.

Whilst Ryan was busy fishing I joined his family on a trip to Charlestown. Charlestown is a village and port situated on the south coast of  Cornwall. Charlestown is an amazingly pristine, unspoiled example of a late Georgian working port and I just couldn’t wait to check it out Kayleigh informed me that a certain handsome fella (Tom Hardy) has filmed in this very town!

As Ryan was fishing and I can’t drive, Shaniah and I had to split up. I went in the van with Ryan’s parents and Shaniah was more than happy to join Freya and her parents (Shaniah is crazy about Luke, Ryan’s brother!).

After a short half hour drive from our lodge we arrived. The weather didn’t look too promising but it held out for us. As we made our way down to the port Shaniah was mesmerised by the gigantic ships that lined the route.

Ships in the port of charlestown

We headed down to the pebble beach the views were simply beautiful and the youngsters were having a great time picking up their favourite pebbles and handing them to us.  It was so lovely to see the little ones bond and enjoy the freedom that comes hand in hand with the beach.

You really get the sense that this place is special when you’re stood on the beach. Yes it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing beach but it has character and history. It really was winning me over.

After a while our stomachs started to rumble so we headed to The Longstore Steaks & Seafood where we all tucked in to some pretty incredibly tasty lunch! The chunky chips were incredible and I cannot wait to return and eat some more!

After we filled our stomachs we headed down to see the museums where I got to see the boat that supported Tom Hardy’s bottom!  I’ve never envied a boat so much in my life!

Whilst we were looking at all the famous films and tv programmes that have filmed within the port Shaniah managed to make a few people laugh when she stood by a barrel and shouted “Ahar me maties!” complete with actions and a little accent! She was super excited when Pat told her she could go and stand on a real ship. Every little budding Pirates dream right?

She was super excited to climb aboard and even requested some photos!

Posing as a pirate on a ship

Posing as a pirate on a ship

We finished looking around the port where shaniah saw a cannon. Turns out she isn’t a fan.

Charlestown portCharlestown portCharlestown port

We then entered another museum which has the necklace that Kate Winslet wore for the film Titanic! As a major lover of the film I was super excited to see such an iconic piece in person.

Titanic film necklace

Time was catching up with us and before we knew it, it was time to make our way back to the lodge as Ryan was due to finish soon. On the way back Pat’s favourite song Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere came on the radio. Up went the volume and there we all were strolling along the road blurting out..

“Oh I… I want to be with you everywhere!!”

Gee, that song never fails to make you smile right?

We got back then we popped down to where Ryan was fishing to see how he was getting on and to reluctantly help him pack up! Turn’s out he did even better than he had expected as he had caught the biggest weight of fish on his lake even beating an angler who had fished in the Parkdean Masters a few days earlier. What an achievement!  He won himself £20 and came 7th out of all the lakes fishing on that day which was a total of 80+ people!

Ryan at the fishing ceremony

Ryan and his winnings

With Ryan’s spirits high we decided to go our for dinner. We have never been to TableTable before so that is where we decided to go. Boy were we glad that we did! The staff were super, super happy, nothing was too much trouble and the food tasted amazing!

our gigantic starterour main meal

This was such a great day, we’ve learnt so much, laughed so much it hurt and even created great achievements. Holidays really are the most amazing memory makers.

You can find what we got up to on day 3 and 4 here.


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