Celebrating 25 years of savings with Clarks outlet.

Clarks outlet

As a women there is nothing I enjoy more than shopping. There’s just something about a new/updated wardrobe that excites me, bring incredible savings into the equation and I am laughing.

We were recently invited down to Clarks Outlet village to celebrate their 25th birthday and given the task to see what we can purchase with £25. I won’t lie, I was super sceptical whether I would actually be able to buy anything with £25 because every shop within Clarks are actually big labels, but anyone who knows me knows I love a good challenge.

Once we arrived I headed straight for NEXT, I absolutely love NEXT for both children and adult clothing, nothing compares however, I knew from previous experience that even with a sale clothing isn’t the cheapest from there. Boy was I wrong! There were rows upon rows of gorgeous clothes with even nicer price tags. With it being wedding season I took this opportunity to look for a beautiful outfit, and boy were there plenty!

There were at least 4 dresses that I loved but ultimately it came down to one dress that was over £100 down to £25 It was super beautiful and although it wasn’t part of my challenge it was a bargain too good to miss!

clarks outlet village

With the outfit chosen, we took a walk around the other shops within the village. There are absolutely hundreds! We popped into Claires, Beauty outlet, Gap and Hamleys before popping into RED5 which is a gadget shop. Ryan is a lover of all things gadgets so he was well in his element here, in fact I won’t lie, I quite enjoyed browsing through this shop as well. Loads of Christmas present ideas sprung to mind here. Ryan even picked up a joke wedding gift for his brother in the form of a Rick and Morty door mat.

All these bargains made us hungry so we headed to the food court which had numerous places to eat. We settled Gormet Burger Kitchen which was absolutely gorgeous! With our stomachs now topped up we headed back out in search for more unbelievable bargains.

A quick detour to Thornton’s and we headed back to NEXT. The amount of clothes for children made it super hard to choose. After much debate I settled for a beautiful pink flowing dress for Shaniah which was only £6 so an absolute steal!

Shaniah is her pink dress

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the outfit at all, no marks nothing which made the price even more gob smacking.

Shaniah in her dress

After falling in love with almost every item of children’s clothing within the store I decided to head back to the women’s section and grab one of the dresses that I had been eyeing up earlier on. It was a beautiful cream dress that just flowed. The detail on the front was what made me fall for it the most.

me in my new cream dress

Isn’t it just beautiful?! I headed to the till to purchase this little gem, I calculated that with both mine and Shaniah’s dress it would come to just under £20 meaning that I still had a little bit left over to get to my £25 goal. Whilst in the queue there was a shelf with loads of different kinds of perfume. I for one absolutely love NEXT fragrances, the scent on them is just incredible and they last a really long time. I spent what must have seemed like an eternity to Ryan, spraying and sniffing individual perfumes until I came across the one. Within seconds of spraying it I just knew that I had to have it. It was only £4 which made it even more appealing. Its called White Amber, and its has a lovely floral kind of scent which I thought would be perfect for the upcoming wedding season.

white amber perfume

Before we decided to head home we had to pop into the Cadbury shop and stock up for the journey home. It’s a must right?

I really enjoyed my day at Clarks outlet Village and I will certainly be returning during the summer holidays so Shaniah and Ashley can enjoy the play park and I can carry on getting goodies at awesomely low prices.

I cannot believe just how much I was able to get for £25! Shopping here for Christmas presents later in the year will be a game changer. Here’s to 25 more years!




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