Me time? What's that?

Tonight was eventful. At quarter to seven I took Shaniah to bed, she hadn’t had a nap so I was surprised she made it this long. I waited for her to drift away to dreamland then I took myself to the bathroom and ran the water. I had been dreaming…

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My every day make up.

Every mummy will tell you that their “me time” greatly reduces once their mini me’s were born. I also have this problem so I thought I’d share with you my morning make up routine, mother syle.…

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My night time skincare routine.

At the end of the day, when bed time is creeping up on me. I like to slip into my pyjamas/ onesie and remove the make up off of my face. To keep my skin it tip top condition I then apply creams to my face as wearing make up doesn’t let your skin breathe as well as it should and our poor pours get clogged. Here are my go to facial skin care products.…

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