The BEST Dairy and Egg Free Cupcakes.*

*Title given by 28 children within my daughters class! I was recently assigned the task of bringing in Cupcakes for Shaniah’s class Christmas party. Something that I won’t lie, scared me a little with the fact that there are a couple of children within her class with dietary needs. I…

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Fakeaway Kebab | Friday Food.

It’s Friday! Which obviously means that the weekend is only a few hours away. I hear your excited screeches. If you are anything like Ryan, then it’s around this time where you start craving all things takeaway. You can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as the hands on…

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Autumnal Beef Curry | Friday Food.

Friday Food  It is officially Autumn! I love autumn, the orange leaves that scatter the path to school, the numerous after school walks for conkers, the endless amount of pumpkins that not only fill the fruit aisles of supermarkets but also my brain with many recipe ideas. There’s just something…

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Friday Food

Welcome back to Food Friday, I haven’t uploaded a recipe in a while so I have loads lined up for the coming weeks. I am kicking Friday Food with Carbonara! Although this is a relatively easy recipe I along with many other people I know have a tendency to make…

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Friday Food.

Welcome back to another week of Food Friday!

This week I am going to be sharing a recipe for Chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce with a twist. You see I tried a recipe I found online, in fact all of the ones online are the same and they all say to use creme fraiche. Now if you have fussy eaters like me then you’ll be aware that any food that tastes a little odd will not enter their mouth. Both ryan and I on this occasion thought it tasted a little bizarre too. It was a sort of yoghurt taste on top of chicken which just wasn’t for us, so I adapted it and its now a sort of mixture between the old recipe and chicken supreme!…

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