CarShop, the place where manners go to die?

One thing I promised not just myself but you, the reader too was that this blog wouldn’t just feature the good. Life isn’t a bunch of unicorns and rainbows (oh how I wish it was!)

We’ve been customers of CarShop Swindon for a few years now and in that time we’ve had our fair share of head banging frustrating moments with them however, I was aware that most car dealers can rub you up the wrong way from time to time so at first we just kept our views or opinions even, on the low.

You see on paper, the CarShop sounds like THEĀ perfect place for everyone to get a second-hand car at an affordable price. They’ve got rows upon rows of cars ranging from the cheaper first time driver cars right the way through to the cars that you dream of riding freely throughout retirement. Yes, they really do sound amazing, maybe even too good to be true?

Right from the moment we walked in the staff seemed lovely. We were met at the front by a man with a smile who pointed us in the right direction to what could possibly be our dream car. Nothing seemed too much to ask and they were more than happy to help you with any queries that you may have. Afterall, cars last you a long time, the last thing that they want is a customer leaving unsatisfied, right?

Lets cut to the chase, It all became clear once we had decided we would purchase a car from them. Suddenly manners started to disappear and the person assisting with credit checks quite frankly couldn’t distinguish his arse from his elbow. We put it down to them loving all the cars that they have within their showroom and were feeling a little deflated at the thought of one leaving their car family.

Like any car dealership they threw a load of mad add-ons that you can purchase followed by a reason in which your car just wouldn’t function properly without it. We purchased GuardX because lets face it, stains are going to happen with a toddler and a keen angler using the car right? They agreed that it would be done before we picked the car up for the first time and took payment there and then.

Upon collecting the car it was clear that it wasn’t done because: a) the sticker saying it was protected was nowhere to be seen and b) the car wasn’t cleaned! In order for them to apply the GuardX protection they said that they would need to clean the car beforehand… Dead giveaway huh?

Fast forward to May/June 2018, and here we are again having more problems with those at the CarShop. Our car needed to go in because it was lagging and going so slow it was dangerous to take it out on the roads. They called us up the same day (they’re quick like that) and told us everything was fixed however, they found water within the brake fluid and asked Ryan if he would like that to be fixed for an additional price. Everyone knows that if water has got into here then its a job that has to be done there and then, not something that you have the option to leave. With that being said Ryan drove it out of the forecourt got onto the main road and realised that the car was still exactly the same nothing had been fixed, so straight back in it went.

Since this time the car has been in and out for a week now without the original issue being resolved however, one thing that was changing was the blatantly obvious and quite frankly extortionate amount of miles that the car was clocking up whilst so say being left in the forecourt. I am starting to wonder if they really did miss the car and they were all having reunion rides around the car park.

Here we are Thursday 7th June way over a week since the car first went in and it is still far from fixed. After dropping it off Saturday so they could take it to the Nissan garage we called up yesterday to see how it was getting on and the words that followed were far from what we were expecting… Oh we haven’t sent it to Nissan we don’t think it needs coding everything is fine. So there we were carless for nearly a week all while the car was just sat in the parking lot.

I have never known a car dealership like it.

Sunday the car went back in for them to take it to the Nissan garage as they were clearly incapable of sorting the problem themselves yet here we are Wednesday almost a month on from when the initial problem started and after calling up to see whether the car has been completed they informed us that in fact nothing has been done to the car and it is still in the very same spot that we left it. What has it got to take to get a car fixed?


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