Cards with a twist from Cardology.

Sometimes ordinary cards just don’t meet the grade. Sometimes we wish to give someone a card that means just that little bit more. That is where Cardology comes to your rescue. At Cardology they don’t just create cards they create the perfect gift for many occasions, Their pop-up cards really are a miniature work of art that your recipients will treasure forever!

Cardology was born when the creators travelled to Asia, and saw different styles of 3D cards and were utterly taken in by the Sliceform engineered cards. Sliceform engineered cards open up at a 180 degrees to reveal something inside “pop up”.

In 2014 they decided that they weren’t enjoying the jobs that they were in and decided to hand in their notices and start up a family business. With each of them bringing forward key skills which they learnt from their previous jobs Cardology was written in the stars.

I have always loved things that are a little different to the norm and this is exactly what Cardology is and strives for. I was lucky to be sent a selection of their cards to check out and they look even better in person than they do in their pretty impressive photos.



How amazing do they look? I would absolutely love to be able to do this however, I struggle to cut snowflakes so I don’t think this will ever be my area of expertise! I honestly fell in love with the safari animals one on the right. If the front of these cards left you saying “wow” just you wait until I show you the insides! Yep they are pretty special.




How amazing is this? Each and every little detail carefully created to the highest standard. not a single bit of this card has been rushed, each and every part has been done with the upmost care and it really shows.




This card is perfect for spring. This is one card that’ll be perfect for Easter or special spring occasions.

These card’s are bound to bring smiles and happiness to even t most hard to please of people. If you are fed up of purchasing cards that will only end up in the bin after a couple of days then these are the perfect. Recipients will find it hard to throw these mini works of art away.

Want to check out Cardology for yourself?

You can find them online and on Facebook!


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