Can You Entertain a Child for 7 Days On-Site at Parkdean Resorts?

Can you keep your children entertained at Parkdean Resorts White Acres for a week without using your car?
Quick answer: Yes! Yes, you can.

white acres sign

If you’re a regular around here you will know that I have epilepsy which means that I am unable to drive. Whilst that is usually not a problem as Ryan can drive. When we go on holiday to White Acres, Ryan spends all day every day fishing at one of their 13 lakes. We do have the option to go out with Ryan’s parents while Ryan is fishing, however, this year I decided to see whether or not it is possible to entertain my 5-year-old for the whole week without a single car in our pack moving.

Before I dive in further, I will quickly disclaim that we did take the car to Morrisons the day that we arrived, simply to grab some necessities for the week. On two occasions we did go off the park to grab dinner as being near the sea we fancied takeaway fish and chips, and although, White Acres does have their very own takeaway, it wasn’t open on any day that we were there. Maybe it’s just open during peak season?

Anyway, here is what we got up to each day, we were super fortunate that White Acres Holiday Park has a variety of activities being held throughout the day for all kinds of ages making this task a whole lot easier!


With the weather as gorgeous as it was, we decided to spend a couple of hours at one of the many play parks that are scattered around the park. We went to one with a massive pirate ship that fastly became Shaniah’s favourite over the week. Ryan didn’t have a match on this day, so we decided to go to a lake that wasn’t hosting a match and have a spot of family fishing.

Shaniah and Ryan fishing by a lake.

For dinner, we decided that we would cook a meal in our cabin. Each caravan/cabin is fully equipt with all the equipment that you could possibly need to create a wide range of meals.

Before Shaniah called it a night, we all walked up to the arcade and spent some pennies, after all, it’s not a holiday until you waste hours away on the slot machines.

the family

Shaniah also had her first ever sleepover with Freya as they both decided that they wanted to share a room, cute!


Tuesday morning, Shaniah decided to join her Nanny and take the family dog, Sam on his morning walk. Did I mention that this park is dog-friendly? So much so that they even put give you a pack of dog biscuits in your welcome pack! How thoughtful.

Shaniah with sam and nanny dawn

Shaniah decided to join Ryan by the lakes again before we all headed back to the lodge for dinner. It was my turn to cook, so I did my favourite chicken pie, it always goes down a storm and this time it was no different.

Shaniah and ryan holidng a fish

At 6:30pm, we all headed to the lakeside club to partake in the children’s disco. Shaniah doesn’t need much persuading when it comes to throwing shapes on the dance floor. We then stayed for Starland Crazy, which is full of games, fun and prizes. Shaniah won the dancing game which really wasn’t a surprise considering she was throwing her all into the moves.

Shaniah came first at starland crazy

At 8pm, there were party dances, but by this time the girls were getting tired so we headed back to our lodge.

Shaniah wasn’t really sleeping very well which was actually a blessing on this particular night, as there was the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. Ryan managed to capture this beautiful moment and I believe that it has fastly become my favourite picture of all time.

Shaniah and I watching the sunset


This was the first day that Ryan had an actual fishing match, so I was flying solo.

At 10am we headed to the Lakeside club where Shaniah took part in Star tots scribble and Squeak where she met pipsqueak; a super cute mouse character and joined in with some fun activities.

We were going to take part in the swimming pool activities. however, I forgot to pack the swimming costumes – mum fail.
We spent a couple of minutes in the arcade before we headed into the restaurant for something to eat.

our fish and chips

We both decided that we would give their fish and chips a try. Shaniah had the children’s fish and chips but swapped the peas for baked beans, and I had the adult version which came with peas and tartar sauce. We both absolutely loved it, but if there is one little piece of criticism that I could give, it would be that the fish batter was a little soggy underneath, however, that didn’t matter too much and the flakiness of the fish soon made me forget.

Shaniah didn’t eat it all but as you can see, the children’s dishes are very generous portions.

After we finished our food, we headed to the on-site shop and picked out a couple of ice-creams before heading down to the Trelawney lake to see how Ryan was getting on on peg 14.

Ryan fishing

The sun ended up being far stronger down by the lake as it was reflecting off the water, so we decided to head back up to our lodge and wait with the rest of family for Ryan to return. About an hour later Ryan returned with the news that he came 4th overall out of 60! How amazing was that? He couldn’t stop as he had to head on down to the restaurant to claim his prize money!

We didn’t really do much during the evening, Ryan headed down to the local fish and chip shop to get our dinner. As I mentioned above, the on-site one was shut so we had to go off-site. The fish and chips were absolutely gorgeous. Which bring to an end, another lovely evening.


Another day another fishing match for Ryan, this time on Canal peg 8. Which meant that we were flying solo again! As it was our last full day we decided that we would do all of Shaniah’s favourite things.


Firstly, we went to two of her favourite parks that she had grown to love over the week, one being the pirate ship!
Afterwards, we headed up to the clubhouse where we spent some time in the arcade. Shaniah and I stopped to get some candyfloss and then we played some more at the arcade.
We stopped again for a spot of lunch. Shaniah really enjoyed having lunch in the restaurant, and their reasonably priced menu meant that I did too!

chili con carne

This time Shaniah opted for the Kid’s meal deal, this included a main and two sides, a drink and an ice-cream for just under £5 which I think is great! I went for Chilli-con-Carne, which was incredible! It really was super tasty!

After this, we travelled back to the arcade to exchange the tokens that we had accumulated over the week. Shaniah decided to get a doll, some sweets, a troll building block kit, a figurine, and although she didn’t have enough tickets, the lovely guy behind the counter let her have another doll, which obviously made her day!

Shaniah at the arcade

We then headed for the on-site shop at Shaniah’s request so she could purchase some treats for her friends. There was a lovely assortment of affordable souvenirs that Shaniah could pick from. She went for some personalised necklaces, a bracelet and a couple of large lollies with “best friend” written on them. She also purchased some TY sliders with an owl face on them, they look great!

Later on that day, we linked back up with Ryan at the tackle shop where they were handing out rewards to those that fished that day. Unfortunately, Ryan just missed out on the money by 12 ounces. Although, I don’t think coming 7th out of 80 odd people was too bad!

Shaniah clapping for the winners

Finally, it was time for my favourite meal of the week CHINESE! I am a sucker for salt and pepper chicken, and that is exactly what I ordered. There is a lovely Chinese restaurant/takeaway just a short drive from the site which we go to every time we are down.

We had planned to pop back up to the children’s disco, however, the main road to the site was shut due to an accident so it took us a little longer than planned to get back to our lodge.


As this was our departure day, we had to be out of our lodge by 10am, so the morning was taken up by car packing and making sure that the lodge was left as it was when we arrived.
I had noticed earlier on in the week that on a Friday and a Monday they host a ‘Meet the Krew’ breakfast. Where you are able to have breakfast and some of the characters will come round for a photo opportunity, we made sure that we were out of our lodge by then so that Shaniah could enjoy one last thing before our holiday was truly over.

Sadly, despite the leaflet on the wall saying it starts at 9:30am we were told that the crew wouldn’t be in until at least quarter-to 11, which of course was way past the breakfast.

We left a little frustrated but Shaniah’s heart was still so full of all the wonderful memories that she had made during the week.

Overall, we had a magnificent week, the staff were incredibly welcoming. We were meet by everyone will warm hospitality and a smile which although something so small, really makes all the difference to the experience. They all made Shaniah feel special and they were extremely accommodating.

So yes, you can entertain a child for a week on-site without using your car however, I would say going during peak time would be far more beneficial as there is even more to do. However, saying that, there is a regular bus that goes from just outside the site right into Newquay beach, which is perfect for those who want to wander across the sand.


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