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Cake to your door with bakerdays + Competition.

bakerdays chocolate cake

Cake. Cake is part of our lives right? We rely heavily on cake and it makes us feel good.

Someone is feeling poorly? Give them a cake.

Someones got a birthday? Give them a cake.

Someones getting married? Cake.

You want to say sorry? Cake.

Having a cuppa tea with friends? Cake.

You’ve had a bad day? Cake and wine.

Cake solves many problems for me. A day where Shaniah has been very trying? Once she’s safely tucked up in bed and I am missing her (we’ve all been there) I go and grab myself some cake. In fact in all honesty I don’t even need a reason to grab a slice of cake. Cake is literally my go to snack to make me happy.

Something else that makes me happy is Star wars. I have been eagerly waiting for the release of the latest film only to be struck down with bug after bug after bug since the day before it was due for release – Typical. Tuesday however, I was finally on the mend and with the pest of a cough on its way out I was super excited to finally go and watch it. Nobody can keep me away from Yoda for long!

Now I love Star Wars and I love cake so you can imagine my excitement when I received a message from bakerdays  asking if I would like to review one of their cakes and not just any cake oh no… A chocolate cake with Yoda on the top! Cake and Star wars combined? Damn, this girl is happy.

bakerdays yoda cake

bakerdays is a company which produce personalised cakes, cupcakes and balloons of your choice and deliver them straight to your door. They even offer gluten-free and dairy-free options so nobody needs to miss out. bakerdays will freshly make your cake and have it delivered straight to your chosen address the very next day.

The idea of super tasty cake delivered straight to your door was something that really grabbed my attention. Sometimes life gets in the way of things and you are unable to see someone special on their birthday or maybe you are too far away to visit your mother on mother’s day, simply grab a cake personalise it and let bakerdays deliver your love in a box. Each cake comes with candles, a party whistle and some balloons to make that moment extra special. bakerdays really do think of it all!

Candles and bakerdays cake

Our Yoda cake arrived the very next day. Shaniah was extremely keen to get stuck in however even Ryan was excited to see the cake so we had to wait until he finished work before we could devour it. As you can imagine, Shaniah was finding the waiting extremely tricky and every 5 minutes I was asked if we could have some cake yet.

Cutting the bakerdays cake

Ryan finally came home from work and after eating our dinner it was finally time to cut the cake! I felt a little bad putting the knife to the cake it really did look too good to eat! After making sure I had taken a good amount of photos I plucked up the courage cut the cake into slices. although the cake isn’t the biggest cake you do get some good size portions from it and we were able to feed 4 people with some cake left over.

bakerdays chocolate cake

bakerdays cakes are a single layer sponge with buttercream then icing. The wait was totally worth it as it tasted so, so good. Everyone had high praises for bakerdays and have all said that they will be likely to use bakerdays at some point for those that they struggle to get gifts for.

We have absolutely enjoyed our bakerdays experience and we want you to be able to experience them too! So the kind people at bakerdays have given me the opportunity to offer one of you a cake to your door of your very own! All you have to do is enter the competition below!

Good Luck!



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