Build your Disney squad with Disney Collection Plush.

Every little girl dreams of being a Princess, throwing on that princess dress really does make all the difference to a child who longs to be Cinderella or Belle. It is fair to say that Disney has all our children hooked, some long to be princesses, some Storm troopers heck, some even Tigger! Disney holds that special place in everyone’s heart young and old and let’s be honest we all want our own bit of Disney right?

Posh Paws has created a collection of Disney Plush toys certain to bring you and your little ones the joy of Disney in your own home. Disney Collection Plush brings soft toys into the world of collectables! Disney fans of all ages can now build their own Disney squad, collect iconic characters including Bambi, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Elsa.

The Disney Plush collection is released in waves, we’ve got all of wave one and are frantically searching Tesco, Morrisons and some Independents to try to find those that are part of wave 2 before wave 3 is released in July.

Shaniah absolutely loves building her squad of the adorable Disney characters which have wide glittery eyes and glittery foiled features.

Shaniah received a special delivery which contained the whole of wave one to start our magical collection off and she couldn’t have been more excited. As well as being beautiful collectors items they also brought out her creative side. Amongst the ones she received was Cinderella, which prompted her to throw on her Cinderella outfit and dance about with her new favourite.

Build Your Squad

Build Your Squad

These Plush’s free hours of imagination from little ones minds. We sat and acted out numerous stories that Shaniah has thought of with help from each character. This really is the perfect collection for all.

Build Your Squad

Build Your Squad

Build Your Squad

Shaniah absolutely loves these guys and they look perfect perched on her shelf when she’s not using them. For £6.99 each they are the perfect occasional gift for all ages.

Build your squad

Now you too can dream of being a princess.

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