The Big Pink: Raising awareness for Breast Cancer Care

October is Breast Cancer awareness month. A worldwide annual campaign to highlight the importance of breast awareness, education and research.

Breast Cancer is extremely close to my heart because when I was younger my nan was diagnosed, although I was too young to truly understand what was going on. I had a sense that something wasn’t right because although my nan was her usual cheery self (nothing ever brings her down well even if it did she wouldn’t let it show), everyone else on the other hand were in a right state, which is to be expected, for Cancer doesn’t just affect the person it’s inside it affects their loved ones. Worry fills the room. You’ve got to be strong but how can you when you are breaking inside?

Thankfully, my nan made a full recovery and is still bringing smiles to her family’s faces and even when times are tough she will find a way to make us smile, that’s just one of the very many perks of this incredible woman, but she is not alone.

This year I am part of “Breast Cancer Care – The big pink”  Breast Cancer Care are an incredible charity which provides care, support and information for people affected by breast cancer, I said people because it isn’t just women that are at risk of this awful disease. Breast cancer doesn’t gender discriminate.

Every year in the UK 62,000 people are sat down and told that they have breast cancer. 62,000 people have their lives turned upside down by one single sentence, a sentence that will then go on to not only change their lives forever but the lives of their loved ones too. That is where Breast Cancer Care comes in because they understand the emotions, challenges and decisions people face every day. They know that every experience is different. That is why they are there to offer support and information should anyone need it and also campaign for better care.

Breast Cancer Care are the only specialist UK-wide charity providing support to people with breast cancer. Their services are free and include support over the phone with a nurse or someone who’s been there, welcoming online forums, reliable information and local group support. They’ll help people to live life with breast cancer and beyond. From the moment someone notices something isn’t right, through the treatment and beyond, Breast Cancer Care will be there for you.

Right now, 691,000 people in the UK are currently living with a breast cancer diagnosis. Breast Cancer Care can’t reach everyone when they need them. With our help and support, they can be there for more people, with open arms, care, support and information.

By supporting Breast Cancer Care, you can be confident that you’ll be helping people through one of the most difficult challenges they will ever face.  Should you wish to donate you can do so on their just giving page here.



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