The Inventing Tubes

Books Shaniah is loving right now

Books. Books are something that I have tried to include in Shaniah’s bedtime routine since day one. Something so simple is a great way to get your children to relax in the lead up to bedtime. I am so lucky that Shaniah loves books and will happily sit down and read the story herself by looking at the pictures. Of course, the story is completely different but that’s the whole point right? To get children to use their imagination is a magical skill.

Shaniah recently got a few books for Christmas, some of which she is absolutely crazy about. There are 5 at the moment that she is really into and we are going to share them with you just in case you are looking to add to your little ones book collection.

We purchase our books mainly from The Works who have a pretty spectacular offer on at the moment of 10 books for £10. You can pick from a wide, wide range of books and as long as you get 10, you will only have to pay £1 per book! What a win!

Peppa’s First Glasses.

£2 from

Peppas first glasses

We bought this book for Shaniah for Christmas because after a recent trip to the opticians Shaniah has to wear glasses herself. As you can imagine that was a little daunting for a 3-year-old. This book makes glasses seem fun and it’s a great way to teach youngsters about their eyes.

Wake Up, Mummy!


Wake up mummy!

This book is oh so relatable! It is all about a little girl who goes in to her mother’s room to wake her up at an unsociable time, the mother reluctantly gets up and struggles to stay awake (a bit like me in the morning!) Eventually the little girl wants to go back to bed and she has a nap whilst the mother in her overtired state is so filled up with caffeine that she can no longer go to sleep. Ever have days like that? Ooh yes!

It’s not easy being brave.

It's not easy being brave

This book is brilliant at letting little ones know that there’s nothing to worry about once their bedroom gets dark at night time. This book is all about a little monster who is friends with a little boy. The little boy has to go out with his parents one evening so won’t be back until late. The little monster always checks every corner of the room with the little boy to make sure that there are no scary monsters. However, because the little boy isn’t home the little monster needs to do it all by himself. He thinks he see’s monsters however it turns out to be clothes and his mind playing tricks on him. He faces his fears and becomes brave!

Kiss it better

Kiss it better

This is secretly my favourite book! The first time I read it, it brought a tear to my eyes. It is so beautifully written and goes through all the different kinds of kisses for each scenario that your little one might face, like when they fall over or when they are feeling under the weather. It also mentions that sometimes grown-ups need kisses too!

It is such a lovely book and at the end it says “Everything feels better with the help of a kiss” to which Shaniah finishes the story by placing a kiss on my cheek! How sweet?

The inventing Tubes

£4.99 from Pasta Kidz

The Inventing Tubes

This is the first book in the Pasta Kidz & Petz adventure books. This book is brilliant, it’s full of characters named after different types of pasta. In this book Marc macaroni is very good at inventing things, Sarah Spaghetti asks Marc to teach her how to invent fun things as well resulting in an incredibly grumpy PastaBall! The inventing tubes is a super creative story. One that Shaniah loves to read again and again!

Does your little one love books? What books do you recommend? Leave a comment below!

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