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Disclaimer: I was offered the opportunity to try out the new period pants Intima wear by Bodyform and trnd in return for an honest review.

I will pop a little disclaimer here, although, chances are, if you have landed up on this page you’ve probably been searching for period pants, but just in case, I will pop a little warning that this post does include talks of period, blood and well basically all things girly chat.

Let’s be honest here, who actually looks forward to Aunt Flo rearing her ugly head every month? There is absolutely nothing exciting about bleeding for seven (sometimes more) days straight and wearing pads that rub your raw by the end of it, it’s not glamorous in the slightest. We are often sold the idea of the perfect 28-day cycle, but more often than not, a women’s body doesn’t work like that. Between the spotting, bleeding, sweating and discharge, the way both our bodies and our flows fluctuate, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, it is perfectly normal, so why is period talk still such a taboo? I’m here to change that AND to introduce you to a brand-new product destined for period greatness.

I remember when I had my first period. I will be perfectly honest here; my parents were NOT ready. I was not really spoken to about what changes my body would go through during puberty and one night in the summer holidays, before I started secondary school, while my mother was at work and my father was caring for my brother and myself, that was when it started. I screamed down to my father, who seemed just as petrified as I was. I was panicking because I had no idea why I was bleeding down there and my dad was panicking because he had no idea where anything my mum used was. I had no pads that were designed for teens, in fact, I am pretty sure they either didn’t exist back then or my parents were just oblivious to them. My dad finally found my mother’s stash and handed one to me, it was massive! Absolutely huge, not maternity pad huge but certainly up there.

Since the first time I had pads of my own, I have been very loyal to the brand Bodyform, and this is one of the reasons why I was ever so excited to work with them on talking about their latest period product – period underwear, intima wear.

the box for intima wear is at the front, stood on the pants with two lipsticks and a perfume bottle behind.

I have found on numerous social media sites that the talk of reusable period products has been heightened over the past year. In a world that is ever changing, I do believe that many of us have become a lot eco-friendlier and more aware of our footprint, and what better place make a change than with sanitary products, which we use an average of 22 pads per cycle, which is huge!

Bodyform intima wear has a TriTech performance in the form of three built in layers:

  1. Feel fresh Freedom.
    A moisture-wicking soft top layer absorbs your blood and moisture in a blink, meaning no leaking, no wetness and better still – no worrying!
  2. Up to 8 hours of reliable protection
    A super-absorbent antimicrobial treated middle layer holds your flow and odour securely for up to 8 hours.
  3. High-performance breathability
    The leak-proof and breathable material lets the skin breathe naturally and prevents leakages.

Intima wear will give you the same absorbency as their regular Bodyform ultra normal towel, keeping everything locked in for up to 8 hours. You can wash them and reuse them just like normal pants. They cost 24.99 and come in either Hipster or Bikini and black or red. They are guaranteed for 50 washes.

Talking of washing, how do you wash them?

It is pretty straightforward actually. You start by rinsing them by hand in cold water in your sink then you wash them at 40° with your normal load, be sure to not use fabric conditioner as that will upset your pants. Once the wash has finished simply hang them or tumble dry them on low. It really is that simple.

So, what did I think of them?

I am stood wearing a black vest and the new intima wear underwear while holding the lace trim.

Well, I’ve put them to the test and honestly, I think that they are great. I will be honest here, when I first unboxed them, I was a little worried that they would feel like a nappy, however they are just as comfortable as normal pants. Since having Shaniah, my periods are very heavy during the first couple of days and it is worth noting that the Bodyform intima wear is designed for up to moderate flow, so for the first couple of days I stuck to my normal pads but for the remainder of my period I put the period underwear to the test and I was happy with the results. I tried them during the day which felt amazing to just put on some pants without the worry of rubbing or carrying around a load of extra towels in my handbag. I then switched things up and used them during the night which for me, was an absolute game changer, moving forward I think this is what I will use them for. I don’t know about you, but during the night I wriggle that much that my pad moves and can sometimes come off all together, and leaves me with leakages, which is not nice. The intima wear period pants means that I don’t have to worry about that and as a result I can sleep soundly with the knowledge that I can trust my pants to deal with whatever flow my vagina throws at them. Personally, for me, I think I will use these mainly during the nights as they provide up to 8 hours protection, which is perfect for sleep. I do think they are perfect for daytime but having to change them while out and about seems like such a palaver.

a close up of the lace trim on the underwear with two lipsticks and a perfume blurred in the background.

I love how the hipster pants has a lace-trim that makes me feel sexy, which is far more than what my Bridget Jones’ style big period knickers have ever done. Yes, they’re 24.99 EACH however, you have got to look at the bigger picture, they last 50 washes and if you add up how much you spend on sanitary towels, in the long run you’re bound to save some pennies.

If you have made it this far and you feel that the Bodyform intima wear period pants would be something that you are interested in, then boy do I have great news for you! The wonderful people at Bodyform have given us a discount for 10% off any style and colour in their intima wear range, simply use code:


*FLOWWITHTRND10 provides 10% off full price items sold on shop.bodyform.co.uk. Discount code is not valid on delivery fees. Discount code valid from 1st March 2021 to 31st May 2021. One use per customer. Cannot be combined with any other discount code.

Disclaimer: I was offered the opportunity to try out the new period pants Intima wear by Bodyform and trnd in return for an honest review.

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