Bloggers I’d love to meet.

19th August 2017

The blogging community is one that is full of love, in fact it couldn’t be more close knit if it tried. When I first set out to blog I never expected to stumble across the most amazing people who I am grateful to call my friends. Being a mother can sometimes be a very hard and lonely place yet the wonderful people in the world of blogging are there for each other no matter what time of day/night. You find yourself laughing at funny comments these wonderful people make and although you have never actually met them (and probably never will) you feel as though you have known them for an eternity and that is truly special.

So if I could meet any bloggers I would love to meet:




So there you have it if i could meet any bloggers in the world these would be the 3 bloggers that I would choose.
If you could meet any bloggers who would you choose?

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3 responses to “Bloggers I’d love to meet.”

  1. Rebecca says:

    This is well and truly a beautiful post ? thank you so much my lovely I would love to meet you too. If i wrote a post on bloggers i would like to meet the list would be endless ? I’ll give it a go though.

    Again, thank you so much ?

    Becca |

  2. Thank you so much for this Tamara, you absolute babe! I would love to meet you & can’t wait!! ??? Zoe x

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