A Guide To Purchasing Black Diamonds

Black diamonds have actually seen an about-turn, as they were very unpopular many years ago, indeed, in the early 20th century, black diamonds were compared to sealing wax, and were generally regarded as the lowest quality of the many colours that diamonds can take on. It wasn’t until the late 20th century that consumers began to be interested in black diamonds when jewellers began combining black stones with colourless diamonds in a pave setting.

Celebrity Use

Perhaps the very first time black diamonds were seen on the big screen was in the movie Sex and the City 2. If you watched the movie, a beautiful 5-carat black diamond engagement ring was given by Mr Big to Carrie at the end of the film. A few years later, Carmen Electra sported a huge black stone in her engagement ring, closely followed by renowned tattoo artist Kat Von D. This sparked more interest in these unique diamonds. If you would like to view a range of stunning black diamonds, Certified Diamond Network has wholesale diamonds at very affordable prices, and you can create a unique diamond engagement ring that will be talked about for many years.

How Do Black Diamonds Get Their Colour?

It was only recently that research was carried out into how these stones get their black hue, which is caused by the presence of graphite and other minerals. The stones may also have tiny fractures, which cannot be seen as the stone is black in colour. On the plus side, black diamonds are generally cheaper than stones of other colours.

Stunningly Attractive

Black diamonds are opaque and can even take on a metallic appearance, making them very unusual. Although black diamonds can be very difficult to cut, they certainly do make for a very attractive stone in any item of jewellery, and if the woman in your life loves black, you know what to buy her for her next birthday or anniversary. If you want to know further about these diamonds, there is a page on the GIA site that gives a lot of information on black diamonds, which is an interesting read.

Grading System for Black Diamonds

Black stones are graded using the traditional 4Cs system, while the colour grading uses the GIA system for coloured diamonds. As black diamonds are opaque, they cannot be graded on the Clarity scale, and black stones are issued with a slightly different GIA report, which uses the term “fancy black” to describe the colour, which would be noted as either natural or treated.

If you are looking to create a unique diamond engagement for that special person in your life, you couldn’t do better than a black diamond. By buying the stones loose, you can have the ring designed and custom made by a specialist jeweller. Your partner will obviously feel very special to be given such a stunning diamond ring that will no doubt be the talk of the town. A Google search will help you find a diamond wholesaler and he would have an extensive collection of black diamonds, plus he can design and make the ring.


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