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I love being behind the camera, nothing makes me happier than going to a field in the Summer or an arboretum during the Autumn and capturing our family moments. It’s lovely seeing how much Shaniah is changing from season to season.

Although I love taking pictures of Shaniah having fun and growing up one thing that I have noticed is that while I have loads of photos, Photos of us all as a family lacks slightly, In fact photos of Shaniah and myself are practically non-existent and that really upsets me.

It was only last year, November time I believe, where Ryan and I managed to grab an up to date family photo and the fact that we don’t take them regularly sucks but not half as much as the lack of candid photo’s Shaniah and I have together.

candid photo

Family members will happily take photos of Shaniah and I together but between those who are a little technology challenged and the blurry shots from others it really is more hassle than it needs to be and we just end up sticking to selfies which are no good for the photo albums!

I have recently discovered Bidvine. Bidvine is a website in which you are able to find trusted local service professionals at your finger tips. Simply answer a few questions specific to the type of service that you require and Bidvine sends out your requirements to those best suited. Within a few hours, professionals who are available and able to help will get in touch with their bid and it goes from there.

Bidvine has meant that I am able to find professional photographers who are able to take the family portraits in the style that I desire.  No more staged or even blurry photos by family members who just don’t understand,  just perfect photos that I will happily display within my home, all while supporting local companies, what could possibly be better?

Whether you prefer the classic posed shot of your family, those precious newborn shots or maybe something a little more candid, tell Bidvine what you require and they will do the rest. Gorgeous family photo’s have never seemed so easy!


Diclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Bidvine. All opinions and photos are my own.

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