Better Extreme Swindon Review

14th August 2017

On Saturday 5th August we took a trip to Better Extreme Trampoline Park our nearest one is located in Swindon so that is where we headed!

It didn’t take us long to reach our destination and the traffic was also pretty good meaning we managed to get to the place in no time at all.

Better Extreme

As soon as Ashley and Shaniah saw the entrance they turned into hyper little monsters and I won’t lie to you, we were excited too!

Once we entered the centre we were greeted by members of staff with smiley approachable faces who were more than happy to point us in the right direction because we are clearly rubbish at reading signs! I blame the excitement.

better extreme trampoline park

When we eventually managed to get to where we needed to be we were again greeted with a smile by a lovely lady on the desk who after signing in handed us over our socks and wristbands to wear ready for the fun to start.

better extreme

We headed down the corridor to a room where we had to watch a video about how to stay safe and make the most of our time here, the video was brilliant it wasn’t too serious and the little ones were giggling along to the cartoon. It definitely got a thumbs up from me. Shortly after the video had finished the doors opened and the fun packed adventure began!
Both Shaniah and Ashley ran off to grab their spot on a trampoline and both me and my mum couldn’t help but have a go too,his place really is fun for all ages.

First off we had a little bounce on the solo trampolines, which you could then bounce off of the surrounding walls if you were confident enough and knew what you were doing.


better extreme

better extreme

After we had finished bouncing alone, both Ashley and I headed for dodge ball, playing dodge ball on a trampoline was a first for both of us so I wasn’t sure how the game was going to pan out, but it was great fun, we’ve never laughed so much at each other falling on our bottoms trying to dodge the ball. The game got significantly more interesting when a group of older people joined in, however, we all started bouncing on the same trampoline at different times making it slightly unsafe so Ashley and I chose to get out and try another area.

We moved over to the foam pit! Ashley being Ashley was immediately drawn in and off he went up to the board to jump off.better extreme

Once he got to the top he decided that it was a little to big for him and he wasn’t prepared to jump so he turned around and came back down, I can’t blame him though I don’t think I’d have been able to go through with it either!
He did however, go on the smaller bit which is a trampoline that you then jump off into the pit.

After he finished trying out the pit we went over to my mother and Shaniah who was in the other pit, crawling along the balance beam. She was having the time of her life, in fact I think we all were.

better extreme

better extreme

Ashley then decided to go on it and have a little fight with another boy his age. This place really does have it all!

A basketball net caught my eye and I immediately went to try it out after all, I had never actually played basketball whilst bouncing before! Ashley and Shaniah joined me so my competitive side came out. Ashley went first but struggled to aim properly whilst bouncing so I had a go, I managed to hit the backboard and the ball bounced off and hit me straight in the face – yay!



Next up, Ashley decided to try his hand at stunts although once he got his turn he soon realised just how hard it is to complete. better extreme

Shortly after our hour was up. You wouldn’t want to book more than an hours worth as it really is tiring but I cannot put into words just how fun it is to do. It is definitely somewhere that we plan on going again especially on rainy days –  its like soft play for older children, however youngsters love it just as much.

Right now Better Extreme Swindon are doing an offer where if you purchase tickets for the trampoline park for just £3 more you can also get entry to the ice rink and better still that doesn’t have to be used on the same day! What a way to fill out your holidays!

Here is a video of our time here!

If you fancy finding out more, where your nearest Better Extreme Trampoline Park is or you want to book your slot you can do so here.

*Disclaimer: We were given free entry to Better Extreme Trampoline Park in return for this review. All opinions and photos are my own. You will find no affiliate links here*
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