The Best Guide To Freebies In The UK.

The Best Freebie Guide in The UK

Picture the scene. You are sat at home tucking in to your bowl of Magic Charms or sipping your caffeine filled mug of coffee when the jolly old postman posts FREE beauty products through your letterbox. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well girl, it’s not, let me introduce you to the world of freebies.

I am a true avid fan of makeup, always have been, probably always will be too. Would love a bottomless bank account but unfortunately I don’t have one. In order to fuel my somewhat addiction to make up, I am always on the look out to save cash on the latest beauty products. So, when I found out I could receive free makeup that is delivered directly to my home, I couldn’t have been more excited and intrigued.

In fact, there is an abundance of beauty and makeup products that are delivered to homes all over the UK, from free cosmetics, free perfume-samples, hair products to toiletries. This is one of the best ways to try out an existing or new brand without spending any money or having to leave your house. What a win!

Here is a bit of an insight to my experience on using WOW FreeStuff to receive free beauty and makeup products, along with some of the freebies I have already received.

Why do the beauty brands give away free stuff?

Companies are always aiming for potential customers to experiment with their brand or product and give them a bit of feedback as a reward. This offers a way to do away with the middleman that would usually conduct this type of research. With many companies’ moving to the social-media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, it has offered a way to speak more directly to consumers and listen to any concerns, along with reaching out to new customers all in one go.

So how can you get your own free beauty products?

It’s simple really, I just signed-up for a WOW FreeStuff newsletter that guarantees 9 new freebies a day. This ranges from competitions, free samples and free stuff. The very next day I received my email which was filled with restaurant vouchers, giveaways and offers, the best kind of emails!


What Type Of Other Free Stuff Is On Offer?

In addition to beauty products, this website offers many other categories for you to explore. This includes Free Pet Stuff, Kids & Baby Stuff and Food & Drink, offering freebies for every person in your family. After all, it’s not nice to leave anyone out now is it?

WOW FreeStuff is not only about freebies, but also features money-making and money-saving tricks along with tips on how to become more savvy when it comes to your money. I will be using the Restaurant Vouchers page for when I plan to eat out for a meal again, along with Free Days Out page, which is perfect for us as with a youngster who loves to be out in the open it means we can plan fun family days out without having to worry about our bank.

It makes sense why FreeStuff is so popular

At this stage, the WOW FreeStuff Facebook page already has more than 380,000 likes. The page is also updated daily with competitions, money-saving tips and freebies along with the occasional light-hearted post, offering you a way to stay informed without having to check on your emails.

I have also recently joined the WOW FreeStuff Fans group, which involves a lively and fun community where the members share pics of their freebies along with letting others know about offers or freebies they have found.


How easy is WOW FreeStuff to use?

If you would like to visit the website so you can get start getting exciting freebies, here is a guide:


  1. Sign-up for the WOW FreeStuff mailing list so you can receive their newsletter for a freebie fix on a daily basis
  2. Browse the website and apply for any freebie that you think you might be interested in
  3. Wait for your free items to be delivered to your home


Overall verdict.

I have really enjoyed exploring WOW FreeStuff since first writing about this site I have already received a perfume sample (that I loved so much that I have already purchased my own full-sized product), teabags, face wipes and a tea towel.

Keep in mind that these freebies accommodate everyone in the family, so I strongly advise that you get everyone in your household to sign-up for the WhatsApp alerts and the email-newsletter.

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Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with Wow FreeStuff. All opinions are my own.

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