Benefits of having a steam shower in your home

Over the past few years, steam showers have been growing in popularity, mainly due to the spa-like features in the comfort of your own home. Steam showers have health benefits as well as the added benefit of increasing your home’s value all whilst saving you money in the long run when you factor in spa retreat tickets.

How do steam showers work?

To an untrained eye, a steam shower looks like any other shower, but it’s what happens at the touch of a button that sets the steam shower out from all the rest.
Once the button on the shower’s panel has been pressed, this causes the water to heat up to boiling. Like a kettle, the steam is then channelled through the system emerging at the head, thus filling the shower with luxurious steam.

There are also added features that make a steam shower tower above the standard shower. Things such as a built-in sound system so you can listen to your favourite tunes and even mood lighting!

In 20 minutes of use, a steam shower only consumes about 2 gallons of water compared to the 50 or more gallons that a conventional shower would use over the same duration. During the current water and economic crisis, this is even more reason to give in and get yourself your very own steam shower.

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What are the advantages of owning your very own steam shower?

There are so many advantages, too many to list, i would be here for hours, but i will whittle it down to a few of the top advantages. Amongst the eco-friendly benefits, there are also plenty of health benefits.

It is common knowledge that steam helps clear stuffy noses, whether that’s caused by allergies or common winter illnesses, making a steam shower the perfect home addition to clear those sinuses. steam showers are relaxing. If you are looking at ways to manage stress, spending some time in a steam shower before bed is a great way to soothe away the mental and physical stresses of the day, helping you relax before you slip into bed, in turn making you have an easier and better nights sleep, something that can be super hard to do in this day’s fast-paced world.A steam shower is a one-time investment compared to the monthly fees or day passes to your local spa. You’re also able to take advantage of your very own spa at any given opportunity and you don’t even need to book, what is not to love?

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