Being a young mum through the public's eye.

I grew up in a town where everyone knows you. It’s not at all a small town but it’s just so close knit. 

After the ordeal I went through a positive pregnancy test wasn’t the easiest of things to look at. Despite the bad memories that I wished would just disappear there was never a moment in my mind that I’d ever give up on this tiny human, after all it wasn’t her fault was it? She’s the innocent one. 

Soon word got around that I was in fact pregnant at 16, yet despite having a job and being on my own two feet the reactions from most weren’t very pleasant. You see as a young mum the public automatically think you’re set to fail. They think just because you’re young you won’t be able to accept responsibility, add into the mix the fact the father isn’t in the picture the opinions are even stronger. 

Nobody stopped and thought something may have happened they automatically assumed that it was just me being careless and thoughtless in the bedroom. Believe me I wish that was the case anything would have been better than the reality.

My nan was approached by a work colleague and they said “I bet you’ll be looking after that baby at the weekends”. That right there is the most ill minded comment you could ever give. I’m fully aware of people my age going out every weekend having fun and waking up with what feels like the world jumping on their heads. Me, I knew I wouldn’t be doing that but that didn’t bother me. That kind of lifestyle was never my cup of tea anyway. 

Friends? They buggered off when I was diagnosed with Epilepsy so at least I didn’t have to worry about them suddenly turning into ghosts once my womb monster arrived.

Young parents and old parents tend to get more stick than the “perfect” age parents but what is a perfect aged parent? I mean as long as the baby is cared for does the age of those responsible really matter? It’s sad that people feel they have to belittle a parent due to the age of which they are. Age doesn’t defy a good parent, the way they care for their young does.

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