A beginners guide to SVG

During the lockdown, I, along with many, many others, have taken up a new hobby, some have taken up painting, others have taken up drawing and me? I’ve decided to try and advance my handmade gifts to include personalized things, such as the above.

My new hobby started about 15 weeks ago, when I ordered myself a Cricut, I thought it was pronounced cry-cut, but it’s actually pronounced similar to the sport cricket, Crick-ut! I know, my mind was blown as well.

Anyway, getting back on track. Once delivered, I realised just how much I could do with the machine, but at the same time, I realised just how technical it is too. One mention of SVGs and my mind was fried, so I had to educate myself, and thus I’m going to pass on my knowledge to you.

What is an SVG file?

Although the format is far from new, SVG images are becoming incredibly popular in the world of crafts, primarily crafts which use digital cutting machines such as a Silhouette or Cricut as SVG files create stunning projects instantly.

Without getting too scientific, an SVG file is a file in which has been mathematically designed and this means that they work perfectly with cutting machines such as the Cricut. If you think back to your regular JPG, they are formatted using pixels, whereas an SVG is created using lines and points. If you think how a cutting machine works, the blade cuts lines and turns at points, meaning that SVGs really are the perfect companion to a cutting machine.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you are only limited to using SVGs on paper alone, oh no, no! You can, in fact, use them on other materials such as vinyl leather, felt and cotton; it just depends on the capabilities of your machine.

SVG means Scalable Vector Graphic, this means that the graphics can be scaled to various sizes without the quality being affected making it perfect for crafters, or small business owners, who like to make personalised tote bags, shirts, mugs, and so much more.

Downloading files for your Cricut

Here is a step by step guide to downloading SVG files for your next Cricut adventure!

  1. In your web browser, go to Cricut Design Space and sign in as usual.
  2. Next, click on Create New Project.
  3. On the left side at the bottom, click Upload.
  4. Once inside the upload section, click on Upload Image.
  5. Find where you stored your SVG image file.
  6. Once you locate your SVG file, click on it to open it in Design Space.
  7. Once it is uploaded you can change the name if you like.
  8. Click on Save Image.
  9. Your image is saved and all you need to do it click on it and then click insert images to get it on the Cricut Design Space.
  10. Now that it is in Design Space you can resize it, add to it or leave it the way it is.

Examples of SVG files

SVG files are perfect for the smaller craft ideas, such as personalised mugs and things like that, because you can scale the graphics to thousands of different sizes without affecting the quality. Pretty clever aye? Here are ONE SVG files that have been used with the Cricut to decorate a mug.

Where can I get SVG files for my Cricut?

Whilst SVG files aren’t exactly largely spoken about, unless you go looking for it, they are readily available, and a simple, quick Google can land you with hundreds of sites filled with SVG files of any kind, ranging from Free to under a fiver. They really are inexpensive.

Etsy is filled with many sellers showcasing their files, however, if you are more interested in having thousands of files in hundreds of different themes then look no further than Design Bundles for all your SVG cuts needs.

Why I always choose Design Bundle

Design bundles is a company which began in July 2016! They began as a way to provide customers, like yourself, with affordable digital products such as graphics, templates, mock-ups, patterns, illustrations and craft files! I know, they have their fingers in so many pies, I am sure you’d be wondering how on earth they’d be able to master them all. Well let me tell you, they can and they have!

Since their launch in 2016, they have managed to build a customer base of OVER 1 million users. Now that is not to be frowned upon.

At design bundles, you can browse over 150,000 marketplace products and save a lot of money on their curated design bundles, which feature a rather impressive 96% off the regular retail price (rrp).

Design Bundles specialize in connecting talented and independent designers with discount seeking customers through their easy to use marketplace.
Their customer satisfaction is what makes them tick, and I for one am forever singing their praises.

Here are a selection of the SVG files that I have picked out of Design Bundles to show you.

As a lover of animals, this file had my mind racing with ideas in which I could use the cuts.

Being in a relationship with a guy who is OBSESSED with fishing, I couldn’t not include these. Ryan thinks they are rather awesome. Eyeroll.

Does this one need any introducing other than… IT’S PRINCESSES and I blooming love it!

Well, there you have it, that is how you download and use SVG files for a Cricut and the likes. Isn’t it so simple? I am certain that you’d agree with me when I say that SVG files are a game-changer.

Now I am off to find a new project for me and my Cricut machine to work on. Isn’t it such a fantastic hobby?!

I would love to know what sort of craft things you’ve got up to during the lockdown, maybe you even took to die-cutting like me?

Let me know what you’ve got up to or if you are going to check out SVGs with a comment below.

Watch out though, it does get addictive!

Happy crafting!


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