beef stroganoff on a bed of rice

Beef Stroganoff.

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Earlier this week, I shared my families meal plan for this week. One dish that I said I would be making for my family was Beef Stroganoff. I will admit that I didn’t have high hopes for this dish and my ever so fussy child. I was actually pleasantly surprised that not only did she try it, she absolutely loved it and so much so that she requested SECONDS! We didn’t have any left for her to actually have seconds so note to self, make more next time!

beef stroganoff

Like I said earlier, the best thing about beef recipes is the fact that the majority of them are super quick, super easy and also super delicious and speaking from experience beef is perfect for tasty meals that the whole family will love. As well as being exceptionally tasty, they also have the additional benefit of providing protein, essential vitamins and minerals. Beef is also a source of iron which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, something that us parents handle with grace.

I feel that beef is often overlooked when it comes to making meals. I think a lot of that comes down to the fact that most people only associate steak dishes or Sunday roasts. There really are a wide range of beef recipes out there on the website and they are super quick to make which is perfect for midweek meals. I cannot recommend Simply Beef and Lamb’s website which is full of inspirational recipes that everyone will love.

beef rump steaks sizzling in a griddle pan.

My favourite thing about this dish? It is on the table in under 30 minutes and costs way under £10 for a family of four. What could possibly be better?

Beef Stroganoff.

This is my take on the British Classic, Beef Stroganoff. I have altered the classic recipes somewhat in order to make it an affordable family-friendly dish.

Course Main Course
Cuisine british
Keyword beef, healthy, quick, tasty
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 4 people
Calories 671 kcal


  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 500 g beef rump steaks fat trimmed, cut into thin strips.
  • 250 g chestnut mushrooms
  • knob of butter
  • 1 onion sliced
  • 1 tsp plain flour
  • 250 ml hot beef stock
  • 150 ml soured cream
  • 300 g long-grain rice cooked following pack instructions
  • chopped parsley to serve
  • paprika to serve


  1. 1. Place a large frying pan over a high heat. Put in a little oil and add half of the beef, the key here is not to overcrowd the pan. Fry for 1-2 minutes each side until browned, season well. Remove them and set them aside.

  2. 2. Fry the remaining beef in a little more oil, just like before. Again, remove and set aside. Cook the mushrooms in the remaining oil for around 2 minute until they are soft, remove them and set them aside.

  3. 3. Turn the heat down to medium and put the butter in the pan followed swiftly by the onion. Cook for 3-5 minutes until translucent and soft.Stir in the flour, ensuring that the onion is evenly coated. Pour over the hot stock and any of the juices from the resting beef and mushrooms. Bring to the boil and leave to simmer until slightly thickened.

  4. 4. Stir in most of the soured cream through the sauce until smooth, return the beef and mushrooms to the pan. Finish cooking for 1-2 minutes for rare steak, 3-4 minutes for medium or up to 5 minutes for well done. Ensure everything is heated through.

  5. 5. Serve it up with the cooked rice and dollop over the remaining soured cream. Scatter over the chopped parsley and paprika to finish. 

Recipe Notes

TIP: To make slicing the beef easier, try freezing the steaks for around 20 minutes beforehand. 

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