Be Period Ready With Bettybox.

Periods. They’re just as rubbish as the word looks aren’t they? I have never been a fan of them scrap that, nobody ever enjoys them do they.

I remember my first period like it was yesterday. Growing up, my family never really spoke about it. Even though it’s something so natural and all women go through it, it wasn’t something I was informed on even with my older cousins it was a bit of a taboo subject. It made it even harder to accept once Aunt Flo eventually came knocking.

Typically, my period started on an evening where my mother was at work so it was just my dad looking after myself and my brother who was about 3/4. I was absolutely inconsolable, I thought that I was dying, I didn’t know that it was normal. My dad was way out of his depth and comfort zone and as nobody had prepared for this inevitable day to happen I had to wear one of my mother’s sanitary towels which was a lot larger than I needed and it just made the whole quite frankly terrifying ordeal that bit more unbearable.

Although my daughter is far too young for me to even be thinking about her periods just yet I know for a fact that I will be explaining it in detail and I will be ready for her. I don’t want her to feel as clueless as I did.


I have recently been introduced to the wonderful and genius subscription box called “Bettybox” which is a monthly subscription box for girls. Bettybox is delivered around the date that your period should start and is filled with not only sanitary pads but also pamper products for yourself too. Let’s face it, when it’s period week you require all the pampering you can get!


Subscription boxes are the in thing for many people nowadays, especially girls and beauty subscription boxes. The great thing about Bettybox is the fact that not only does it include all the goodies that many subscription boxes include but it also includes enough sanitary products to see you through that time of the month.

This month’s Bettybox is a holiday themed one. It is filled with a pack of  night-time pads that are more absorbent than the day time ones, a pack of day ones, a lovely little pouch that will sit discretely within your handbag and of course the box of goodies bound to bring you a smile during the week where you aren’t feeling your best.

Bettybox contents

This month, the goodies came in the form of:

  • Technic Get Gorgeous highlighting powder
  • Jelly Pong Pong Lip scrub
  • Acai berry face mask
  • Patisserie De Bain hand cream
  • Beauty Junky make-up sponge
  • Candy kittens gourmet sweets
  • We are Tea Moroccan mint green tea bagbettybox contents

It comes tailored to your needs whether you prefer tampons to pads or maybe even a bit of both they give you the option. There are also many brands to choose from (including their own!) Which I think is absolutely genius! I absolutely dread going to the shops and purchasing the pads, so much so I get my other half to purchase them!

If my daughter was in her tweens then this is a subscription box that I would gladly purchase for her, but as she isn’t and it’s only £12.99 I think I will just have to treat myself.. name me a better time of the month to treat myself.

You can find more information about bettybox over on their website or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at bettycollective.



Disclaimer: I was sent a Bettybox in return for this post. All opinions and photos are my own.


  1. Rebecca
    30th July 2018 / 8:39 am

    This is one amazing box! I loved mine!

  2. Sarah
    30th July 2018 / 8:46 am

    My period started when I was at school and it was horrific! I wish they had boxes like this back then, this one looks amazing

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