Bath, Book, Bed 2017.

Shaniah and I were lucky enough to be sent some goodies to promote the Bath, Book, Bed 2017 campaign. It features Peppa pig which my LO was extremely excited about in fact she couldn’t wait for bedtime – well there’s a first!


Lack of sleep is one of the hardest parts of being a parent with young children and getting them to sleep can be a big challenge. Trust me I’ve been there, at one point the black circles were so huge and noticeable there was no way a simple concealer would cover those up. One way of making bedtime a little easier is to get our children into a regular. simple routine, that is where Bath, Book, Bed comes into play.

Bath, Book, Bed is a campaign to get children in a bedtime routine. Bath, Book, Bed is a tried and trusted way of ensuring that our children get into a great sleep routine. The same routine every night involving a story and shared reading wont just help them fall asleep – it will also feed their imagination, fuel their creativity and build their confidence.



We have always tried to get into the routine of bath before bed as I find warm water relaxes my child and children are never going to turn a bath full of bubbles down. Bubbles and children go hand in hand after all.

Bath time is one of our favourite times of the day, I find it’s a great excuse to bond with our child. We make bubble beards and funny hair do’s with the shampoo always goes down a treat. We also ask questions about the bath toys shes playing with like “What colour is this?” “what animal is this?” so even though she is having fun she is also learning too!

We all know that it isn’t necessary to give your child a bath every single night and sometimes our schedules don’t allow for them either. So on the days that you don’t want to do a bath still keep their hygiene great by brushing their teeth, brushing their tangled hair and washing their face and body parts with a flannel.


Since Shaniah was little we’ve always done bedtime stories. Nothing says wind down time like a good book. It doesn’t matter what you read what matters is that you bring the book to life, don’t worry about looking silly by putting on funny voices and getting into the characters this is a great bonding opportunity.

We absolutely loved the books we received and feel we need to share them so the books we received were:

  • Goodnight everyone. Author: Chris Haughton, Publisher: Walker books.


For more information on the book please click here.

  • Hush-a-bye Bunny.  Author: Holly Surplice, Publisher: Nosy Crow.


For more information on this book please click here.

  • Silver. Author: Walter de la Mare, Illustrated by: Carolina Rabei and published by: Faber & Faber.


For more information on this book please click here.



Now its time for bed.  One way to make bedtime easier is to create a calm environment. Once the story is finished, dim or turn off the lights so your child knows that it is time to sleep. Don’t forget their favourite teddy!That is a major no no.

If your child is like mine they find that sleeping with a night-light is very reassuring. The best night-light is one with amber tones as leaving a lamp on all night can effect their natural rhythms and make it harder for them to get a good nights sleep.

Children have a habit of finding ways to prolong this part of the day by asking for a drink or the asking questions if you notice these as delay tactics then let them know that this conversation can be had in the morning.

Sometimes Shaniah gets out of bed but we simply take her back up, give her more kisses and cuddles tuck her back into bed and tell her “I love you”.


In our pack we received a campaign advice booklet:



This booklet was packed from cover to cover with helpful advice and tips to make bedtime that much easier for both parents and children. At the back there were troubleshooting pages that had Q&A’s that loads of parents go through at some point.


The BookTrust website has advice for parents about how best to introduce the routine and how to maintain it and a best bedtime books list. You can also download the booklet ‘Bath, Book, Bed: Simple steps to a better nights sleep’ for helpful tips from parenting expert Jo Frost, featuring Daddy Pig. Please visit find out more.





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