Fun in the sun with Kiddimoto.

Shaniah on a blue balance bike

This year we have been pretty lucky when it comes to the weather, meaning that we are able to enjoy the great outdoors. If you are a regular to my blog you will know that we love being outdoors, whether that be days out to fun places, camping or simply taking trips to our nearest park. Whatever we decide to do you can bet your bottom dollar Shaniah will love it just as much as us.

We often find ourselves spending afternoons at the park because A) it’s a short walk around the corner and B) it’s FREE! Shaniah will happily wander between the slide and swings for a good few hours but then it does become a little samey-samey. We are so lucky to have a large field like area joined on to the park which is where Shaniah loves to run off that extra energy that the swings failed to zap from her. Although, just running around in circles can get a little boring after a while.

With Shaniah turning 4 soon, we were tempted to buy her a bike so that she has something else to play with when we go to the park. However there are so many different kinds of bikes out there it’s hard to know where to begin. There are ToddleBikes, Balance Bikes, bikes with stabilizers and bikes without… It is certainly easy to get flustered and lost in your ways.

After a few hours spent researching the different types of bikes we realised that a bike with stabilizers was probably our best bet. In all honesty I think we were more afraid of the unknown so stuck with what we knew best. A few days later we were contacted by the lovely people at Kiddimoto, the home of UK’s original Balance bike.  We were offered the chance to test out a bike from their range and believe me their range is huge!

Shaniah decided that the Fleur Super Junior Max was the one that she wanted, safety first we also picked a helmet and excitedly awaited Fleur’s arrival. Delivery was super quick and the bike was easy to assemble meaning that tears were kept at bay. A quick adjustment of the seat and we were ready to take it for a test drive around the park.

Ryan helping Shaniah

To begin with Shaniah felt more comfortable with Ryan holding on to the handle behind the seat, but she was soon ready to go solo. Once she had gotten the hang of things there was absolutely no stopping her.

This bike is super lightweight at 4.7kg and with the added handle means that adults can carry it around with ease, perfect for walking back from Nursery or School. Suitable for ages 2-5 you’re sure to get your moneys worth with the added adjustable seat means that the Balance Bike is able to grow with your child. This was music to my ears for my pet hate is toys that don’t last very long.

The Balance Bike is perfect for Shaniah and us too because she is forever demanding a “pick me up” and after a few minutes we are having to pass her to the next adult because she is just so incredibly heavy and awkward. The Balance Bike however means that she doesn’t demand to be carried as much as she is having way too much fun all whilst learning to balance on two wheels!

Shaniah on a balance bike

Shaniah was having so much fun scooting around the park with her new set of wheels but she’s still learning to get to grips with turning steering her way around the corners. On straighter paths she was able to scoot and glide with her feet up for a little bit.

I think that the Balance Bikes from Kiddimoto are absolutely perfect. They go over all kinds of surfaces with ease and children can have hours of fun scooting around whilst learning to balance to eventually progress onto a “big girl bike”.

The perfect addition for those long summer strolls.

Shaniah on her bike with a big smile.

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